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Cricket SA is filing a formal dispute with the ICC over the cancellation of the Australia tour

Proteas celebrates the test network

Proteas celebrates the test network

  • Cricket South Africa has filed a formal dispute with the International Cricket Council over the canceled Australian tour.
  • Australia had to tour South Africa, but it refused the trip, citing Covid-19 concerns.
  • The canceled trip is expected to have huge financial implications for the CSA.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) strained relations Cricket Australia (CA) For a canceled Test Round, further testing will be conducted after the CSA has submitted the dispute International Cricket Council (ICC) Dispute Settlement Body on Tuesday.

Australia announced earlier this month that their three-test tour in South Africa, which was expected to begin in late February, will not be held for coronavirus safety concerns.

The CSA has since voiced frustration with the decision and has written to the CA and the ICC expressing frustration, but it emerged on Tuesday that the matter has now been referred to the ICC in the form of a formal application for intervention.

In a letter to ICC CEO Manu Sawhney Sport24 CSA Executive Vice President Pholetsi Moseki asked the game’s governing body to find out if Australia’s reasons for canceling the tour were acceptable.

“It is also clear from both the correspondence with the CA and recent media that the parties concerned do not agree on whether the cancellation is an‘ acceptable violation, ’” Moseki wrote.

This phase follows the CSA’s first appeal to the ICC on February 4 to consider whether CA’s cancellation of next month’s tour was “reasonable”, in good faith, and whether the action (cancellation of the tour) was “acceptable non-compliance” or “acceptable non-compliance”. submission “for the 2019-2021 World Championships”.

The CSA is now urging the ICC to act on the basis of the rules (competition conditions) applicable to the World Test Championship (WTC) of which this series was intended to be a part.

Moseki refers to the latest WTC clause in its latest letter to the ICC:

“If the notification is made in accordance with Clause 7.1 and the Parties concerned are unable to schedule the tour, series or match (s) in question in the competition window and subsequently fail to agree on whether the failure to comply with that tour, series or match is acceptable within thirty (30) days of non-compliance. within one month of receipt of the notification by the International Criminal Court in accordance with clause 7.1 above, the ICC shall request a protection report in accordance with the process set out in Schedule 4. “

The letter adds that if the ICC finds that the decision is inadmissible, it must:

1. Rename immediately an independent security consultant ICC’s list (or more than one such consultant, if the issues raised warrant different reports obtained from expert consultants were consulted) to examine and investigate the relevant party referred to by such a match or a series.

2. The consultant (s) appointed in accordance with paragraph 3 shall conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation, including consultations with the host country’s security authorities and a review of the security advice received by visiting Members from government agencies, to the extent required by the consultant (s). a detailed report (“safety report”) must be prepared.

3. Unless otherwise agreed by the ICC, the safety report shall be submitted to the ICC within five (5) days of the appointment of the consultant (s).

Rihan Richards, President of the Council, who served as Vice President of the CSA, confirmed that the organization wrote to the ICC to find out what could happen to the CA regarding the canceled tour.

“For some specific reason, you can cancel games, and there are regulations around it, and Covid-19 is one of them. It also says you have to provide a basis for why you cancel,” he said.

“It will have financial implications for us, but we can recover if we have a new tour that may become mandatory for them regardless of the outcome of this, as long as it is in our four-year cycle.

“The perception created is that SA will not be able to perform Covid-19 homework and we will not be able to create a biosafety environment. It will have a big impact on subsidiaries and it can affect everything in your structures.

“The action was very depressed.”

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