Ebola totals 300, including WHO, UN leaders heading to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

During the weekend and today, 13 cases and Ebola's deaths were reported in the DRC for a 3-month virus outbreak in Northern Kivu and the Ituri regions.

All except one case is Butembo and Beni, the current virus hotspots. Two new cases, a young mother and her 2-year-old child, were found in Ben and later transferred to the Ebola treatment center at the request of the Mabalako family. Another patient is from Kalunguta.

The total number of epidemics is now 300 cases (265 confirmed, 35 likely), including 186 deaths. In addition, 41 suspected cases are still being investigated.

The outbreak of the disease, tenth of the country, is the third largest. It started in Mabalako at the beginning of August, only a few weeks after the Democratic Republic of Congo declared the end of the spread of the second Ebola disease to the west of the country. This outbreak was rapidly completed when Merck's trial vaccine was used in a ring vaccination program targeting case contacts and contacts contact information.

The current outbreak has meant viral activity and violence in the outbreak area, which has hampered response and vaccination efforts.

WHO and UN leaders are going to a outbreak

Today, the leaders of the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN) have arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo to inspect the anti-epidemic actions.

The WHO Director-General for Emergency Preparedness and Responsibility, Peter Salama, told on Twitter that he is now entering the Democratic Republic of Congo with the WHO Chief Executive Officer Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Secretary-General Jean-Pierre Lacroix for UN peacekeeping missions.

"We are looking forward to seeing our teams again and hearing what other support they need for the # Ebola response, so proud of their hard work in the toughest conditions," Salama tweets.

Last week, the United Nations requested all armed rebel troops in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to allow healthcare workers and officials to access the outbreak zone, which has been the violent assaults of dozens of political groups, many of which oppose anti-burglary action.

Uganda okays use of a vaccine for healthcare workers

Ainebyoona Emmanuel, a senior public official at Uganda's Ministry of Public Health, said on Twitter Uganda has officially approved the use of the vaccine for healthcare workers, which was referred to last week.

He said that healthcare workers who are immunizing are being re-trained today and tomorrow and the first injections will be given on November 7th.

Although there are currently no overlapping cases in Uganda, there have been several fears and the nation is preparing for the worst. The provinces of North Kivu and Ituri border the borders of Uganda and more than one million refugees live in communities in the border regions.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, nowadays, 26,463 people have been vaccinated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including 14,033 of them, 4,436 of Mabalaki, 2,152 Katwa, 1,663 of Mandima and 1,435 of Butembo.

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