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Govt’s giant mobile contract – formerly with Vodacom – is now shared among service providers

Government contract mobile phone service

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  • After five years, Vodacom has lost its exclusive right to supply various mobile phone packages and services to ministries.
  • A new agreement signed on Tuesday will share these services between MTN, Cell C, Vodacom and Telkom.
  • The offer included packages with unlimited data and required that locally made phones be included in the packages.
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On Wednesday, Vodacom’s contract to provide ministries with customized voice, data and SMS packages expires. It was awarded in 2016.

The Board of Directors has decided to distribute the new so-called RT15 agreement between MTN, Telkom, Cell C and Vodacom.

The cross-cutting agreement, facilitated by the Treasury for services required by government agencies, allows all government departments to use customized mobile phone packages developed by four service providers.

The purpose of the RT15-2021 agreement is to curb government mobile spending by offering discounted voice, data and SMS rates.

In its tender, the government requested national coverage and unrestricted, unrestricted information.

While the agreement eases personal charges for the use of personal information, government employees are offered voice and SMS packages at a fixed price.

In addition to information, voice, and SMS information, the contract requires the delivery of mobile devices, accessories, and repair stations, as noted by the Office of the Director of Procurement in the State Administration (OCPO).

In a significant shift from the previous RT15 contract, which was awarded to a single supplier, Vodacom, the Ministry of Finance has spread demand to several service providers offering multiple packages.

Vodacom will continue to provide the government with two mobile packages, including Always Connected Work Plus and Always Connected Anytime. MTN will battle with Enterprise Sharing and Business All Day plans. Cell C offers its Epic and Pinnacle mobile packages, while state-backed Telkom provides unique Government Gold and Silver services.

All packages provide unlimited information without applying fair use practices. The purpose of fair use practices is to limit the overuse of unrestricted services and strangulation. In addition, closed user group voice minutes and closed user group text messages are also unlimited.

Personal voice and SMS charges are charged according to the service provider’s corresponding package.

The RT15-2021 cross-border agreement also prioritizes locally manufactured mobile devices, and all four providers offer Mara phones. All mobile service providers also supply Samsung, Huawei and Apple devices.

Service providers also facilitate “value-added services,” including international roaming, Sim Swaps, and caller identity services.

Accessories supplied to government agencies include power banks, charging cables, Bluetooth devices, headsets, and bags.

Note: It was previously stated in this article that MTN had moved from Vodacom as the only mobile service provider in the government. This was inaccurate as MTN has not been designated as the sole holder of the Government RT15-2021, and accordingly Vodacom has been included in the new agreement since the end of the previous five-year period.

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