Sunday , April 11 2021

Hogan under pressure to name the Gama Transnet head: "I was cast as an abuser of racism"

Former public corporations Barbara Hogan says former President Jacob Zuma "blows her to dry up" when she faced tremendous pressure from some of her colleagues who wanted her to appoint Siyabong as the Managing Director of Gamma Transnet.

Hogan had testified on Monday to the Committee of Inquiry on Land Opposition Claims.

He announced earlier that Zuma wanted to be the Group CEO of Gamaia Transnet, despite being involved in misconduct.

"It shocked me," Hogan said.

Vice Chairman Raymond Zondo asked Hogan if he had tremendous pressure to nominate Gamma.

Hogan said, "I was under extreme pressure, [I] had to participate in the NEC (ANC National Implementation Committee) and Alliance meetings, some people were fine, very nasty to me. I was being abused as racist. It would really hurt me, "he said.

ANC, SACP, ANCYL supported Gamma

He said he had recommended Sipho Maseko to Zuma because he had become the leading candidate. However, the former president demanded Gama's position.

Maseko is the current CEO of Telkom.

Zuma had never raised any concerns or reasons why Maseka should not be named, adding that he had discovered a month or two later that ANC supported Gamma as a candidate.

Hogan mentioned that ANC, SACP and ANC Youth League, led by Julius Malema at that time, had all given Gamma's statements claiming he was being persecuted.

He then said Minister Siphiwe Nyanda and Energy Minister Jeff Radebe also announced that Gamma became President and was persecuted by Zuma.

Radebe is currently leading an advisory panel with the task of appointing applicants and conducting interviews with the position of a national prosecutor.

Focused on the media

Zondo asked if the members of the board knew that the selection process had to be respected and that a successful black candidate had already been presented.

Hogan, however, said he was certain he had tried to get Maseko a successful candidate, but they are lobbying for the appointment of Gama and no one else.

Hogan also told the Commission that he was "targeted" to certain media articles about his opposition to Gamma's designation.

Hogan said the media told stories about Gamma being ignored for a white candidate.

He said that the Secretary of the Cabinet, the Zuma Command, withdrew Masco's recommendable memo.

The former president had also asked Hogan to present three names to the chairman of the Transnet Board when Fred Phaswana had left, he said.

The minister who breaks the ethics works

"What I learned from this experience and from what the president had said, is the fact that I was not able to present any Cabinet Trans Net's proposal," he said.

Hogan told the Commission that the public protector stated that former Minister Nyanda violated the Code of Conduct for Ethics in this matter.

Following Hogan's testimony on Monday, former Cabinet Secretary Nyanda told News24 that a public protector had previously dealt with.

"The Public Protector dealt with these remarks that the ministers were wrong to comment on the other unit and offered an apology," Nyanda said.

Gamma was dismissed in October because the board was not "trust".

Hogan will continue his testimony on Tuesday at 10:00.

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