Saturday , March 6 2021

Lil Nas X opens the journey with depression

American rapper Lil Nas X shared the details of the stormy depression of his journey and what he did to overcome it.

Your TikTok video montage that is part of her Life story platform, shared that his mental health began to deteriorate in college.

“In 2017, I became the first [in] my family to get to college, ”he began.

“During college, I was depressed, I had no friends and… my grandmother passed.”

The rapper added that he had developed hypochondria, also known as an anxiety disorder.

“I started going to a lot of visiting a doctor for fear that I die soon … hypochondriasis,” continued the Grammy-winner.

She said her life began to turn around when she dropped out of school and lived with her sister, where she started making music.

“I was happy again !!!” he shared.

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