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Matrik exam scandal hits Gauteng

The head of the school walked to the Matrix Experimentation Center and replied to the answers to geographic paper 1.

This is what the whistle blower has claimed last week at Mpontsheng High School in Katlehong, Gauteng.

Attorneys at law, the parent concerned, made allegations to Umalus – a national quality assurance organization of the National Highest Certification (NSC) Matrix Exam.

This is the first such case that has been reported to the authorities this year. Matrix scam scandal that boosted the country in 2014.

The Core Training Department – the body responsible for evaluating the distance from the "counterfeit letter" of the last month, claiming that the mathematical paper had leaked.

At that time, the department rejected the question paper being leaked and called on parents, teachers, students and departmental officers to ignore the letter.

At that time, it announced that with the provincial training departments it continued to conduct examinations to ensure that all went well.

Exams, which began on October 15, will end on November 28.

A total of 796,542 candidates enroll in exams totaling 6,888 exam centers.

Of these, 629,141 are full-time candidates and the remaining 167,401 are part-time.

The wind blower told Umalus that on Tuesday last week, his daughter had told the family that Master Steven Sihadi entered one of the exam points in which class 12C wrote and gave students answers to questions on geographic paper 1.

"The pupils apparently were proud of the event afterwards. Apparently, the master also told them they were not worried about geographic paper 2 because he would also help them with this paper.

"I understand that the master teaches geography at school," the speaker was allegedly told to Umalus.

City Press understands that the speaker had asked for anonymity so his children would not be threatened at school.

When the city's press visited the school on Wednesday, Sihadi did not want to comment and ask questions to Gauteng's training authorities.

Umpacus spokeswoman Lucky Ditaunyane confirmed that the complaint had been filed last week.

"Umalus received information about the alleged incident and informed DBE [the department of basic education] thence."

Ditaunyane said about the management and management policy of national experiments, and your Umalus did not investigate such cases.

"Instead, it is the responsibility of the assessment body to investigate the alleged irregularities. After the investigation, the assessment body must submit an official report to Umalus.

"Based on the results of the study, Umalusi estimates whether the appropriate procedure has been followed. If not, Umalusi can direct the assessment body to carry out further investigations," Ditaunyane said.

Elijah Mhlanga, a representative of the Educational Committee, confirmed that Umalusi had reported "the alleged MDP pupils' base in the geography book 1".

Mhlanga said the department had asked the Gauteng Training Department to investigate the alleged irregularity and to submit a report to the Basic Education Department.

"Preliminary research [Gauteng education department] it was obvious that the head of the school, when managing his usual duties as headmaster, began reviewing, offered the guidance to the candidates, which questions they should answer.

"The head of the school is exempted from his duties as chief guardian, and the degree is led by a district official.

"Precautionary suspension of a teacher has been extended," Mhlanga said.

The rules governing the conduct, management and management of the NSC study determine the protocol to be followed in connection with such irregularities.

"PED has to look into the matter thoroughly [provincial education department] and the report of this study is presented for reasons of irregularity in the provincial research and then to the National Committee of Inquiry (NEIC).

"This study is being monitored by the Basic Training Department. A recommen- dation for the NEAL meeting will be held in the Council for Umalus.

"The NEIC will meet on December 19, 2018 to stop all inspection mistakes across the country that come from this study," he said.

Other irregularities had not been reported in other provinces, he added that if an irregularity were found, disciplinary action would be taken against disciplinary action against a prosecutor or a teacher found guilty of a criminal offense under the "Workers' Education Act".

The extent of the support to the students will be thoroughly explored and set up, and the Basic Education Department will make its decision with Umalus.


What would you do if you learned a teacher or someone else had helped matrixing your child by cheating?

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