Monday , October 26 2020

Meghan Markle feud: Are Kate Middleton and Meghan IGNITED royal tear to charity? | Royal | News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have cut ties with Kate Middleton and Prince William because they officially left the Royal Foundation to establish their own charity on Thursday. The charity has been renamed the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duke of Cambridge after joining the Duke and Duke of Sussex. The Royal Foundations stated that the decision was made after it was revised to its structure and that both couples continue to work together in the future.

According to the organization, both Sussexes and Cambridges work together with Heads Together's mental health campaign.

They added a decision that their charity had to be better coordinated.

The foundation was first established in 2009 by the brothers Prince Harry and Prince William, speculating on speculation between his wife.

Since 2018, it is known as the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duke of Cambridge and the Duke and Duke of Sussex.

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Recently, it has presented its work in key areas of mental health, protection, service, youth, early years and "empowering communities".

The royal foundation's structural change came after Meghan and Prince Harry moved away to Cambridge's Duke and Duke in March.

The Duke of Sussex and the Duchy Team are at Buckingham Palace, while Prince William and Kate are in the Kensington Palace.

The Duke of Sussex and Duke Cambridge were held on Wednesday at the Royal Foundation Guardians' Meeting.

The specification has already been reflected in the royal correspondence.

In April, when the fans sent notes to congratulate Prince Louise on her first birthday, Kate and Prince William replied to the letters addressed to "The TRH The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge."

This would have previously read: "TRH's Duke and Duke of Cambridge and TRH Duke and Duchess of Sussex."

Earlier this year, Buckingham Palace confirmed that couples had shared their households in their statement: "The Queen has agreed to create a new household for the Duke and Duke of Sussex after their marriage in May last year.

"A household created with the support of the Queen and the Prince of Wales will be established in the spring."

"The Queen has authorized Duke and the Duchy of Sussex to set up a home office at Buckingham Palace.

Their Royal Highnesses appoints new communications staff that are part of Buckingham Palace's communications team and report to Queen's Communications Secretary Donal McCabe. "

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