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Rare images of Princess Diana with long hair

The image many of us have of Princess Diana is a signed short light harvest we were used to seeing in her. But the question posed by many royal fans is: Does a Princess of Wales ever have long hair? Diana used her hair for a long time as a child. But what about the royal period when he was married to the future king? Well, it turned out he did.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images

Here are some rare pictures of a folk princess with long hair.

Inspired by the 40s

1984 was a year full of many ups and downs for Diana. It was the year his second son, Prince Harry, was born, but it was also the time he admitted that his marriage to Prince Charles had really weakened.

Whether things were good or bad behind the palace walls, the press and audience had by then fallen in love with the princess and she seemed to glow whenever she was dealing with royal fans.

    Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Jayne Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images

That same year, she decided to grow her hair a little longer than normal. Then there will be more pictures than ever from the rest of Princess Diana’s time with longer-than-usual locks, including the picture above where she wore a pink Jasper Conran costume together inspired by the 40s.

Memorial Day ceremony

Also in November 1984, Diana was taken on the shoulders again.

    Princess Diana
Princess Diana Anwar Hussein / WireImage

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The Princess of Wales was photographed attending a London Cenotaph commemoration with other royals. Her hair appears hanging under a black hat.

A visit to the doctor

That same month, the Princess visited Dr. Barnados ’home in East Ham, London.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Kent Gavin / Daily Mirror / Mirrorpix / Getty Images

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As Housekeeping noted, he had half his hair caught and the rest that day.

Windbreaking hair

By January 1985, Diana decided to go shorter again and her hair was cut just above her shoulders.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein / WireImage

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But as the picture below shows, it was still a little longer here than the later published photos of Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother.

Fashion show in Sydney, Australia

Three years later, Diana attended a fashion show at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia, and was photographed from behind with a stunning hair accessory that was strategically placed.

Princess Diana
The back of Princess Diana’s head Jayne Fincher / Getty Images

He rocked Butler and Wilson’s sticky star-shaped piece that showed his hair long enough to sweep up and back neatly behind his ears.

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