Rassie's year one: how we found him


Cape Town – He,
and we can click on the files … Rassie Erasmus has graduated from his daughter
season as the SpringBox head coach.

If you chose
that it is directed at the person who is challenged by the person seeking him
airport for a long haul flight (remember that he controlled 14 tests
matches), the answer could be something: "Hmm, bumpy ride from time to time, disturbed
sleep … but great service when the carriage came through the aisles. "

So how
exactly if you wanted to associate it, can you evaluate Erasmus
seldom boring for the first year?

But I do
the best way is to divide it into five categories, give it a mark
for each of the 10 and then combine them to get a final percentage.

Here comes,
then …

2018 performance

Let's cut it
directly to the excavation: in the case of presumed superstate, South Africa has just 50
The percentage win-loss record for 2018 still indicates that the team passes a fair path
below its desirable opportunities.

seemed to take a step backward step forward forwards; they had three
places to win back, but also two lose twice
trot, which summarized their continued inconsistency.

Then again,
Erasmus's first year on a steering engine seems to be much better than Allister Coetze
a four-year year in 2016, when the Boxes won a beautiful four out of 12 tests (33.33

The predecessor also confirmed his result with another and ironically in his final season as he won seven of the 13 tests (two
Wallabies) with a payout rate of nearly 54.

some mitigating factors in Erasmus's unprecedented year – one book on paper: a
fairly insignificant, low intensity, and the first lead back by the second management
USA neutral peat, dead in rubbery England
Capetonia mud after the two Highveld 's pleasures, after the compilation of the previous series and
of course the horror of Owen Farrell, who is likely to pay the SA victory in Twickenham
a lot lately.

surely Boxing's worst two performances were a comprehensive 32-19
loss in Argentina in Mendoza and then closing the campaign 20-11 defeat
the team at Wales Cardiff on Saturday – is hardly an ideal way to "remember"
national side in the summer months.

But it is also
it's very true to remind that the boxers experienced any kind of violent type 0-57
which were the features of Coetze's two-year excitement.

Who also
it brings us nicely to how far they went out this season
a couple of bilateral clashes that still have a pace of setting All Blacks: Famous,
the reckoned profit from the odds and flow in Wellington,
and desperately a narrow, heartbreaking defeat at Loft when they were stupid
contrast, had been considerably better than most of the collision.

Those two
pulsating, educational fixtures, my book, justify the hairstyle Erasmus a bit
more than 50 percent of the points in this category …

Rating: 5.5 / 10


It is tough
taking the tires midway through the cycle to the World Cup – and not
at the beginning when you have far more freedom to experiment
and patience.

So Erasmus
has been in "rushing work" to make the Boxes suitably for RWC 2019, and like
All modern Bok coaches must also be driven by certain political
considerations and so many factors that hinder the strong caliber professionals
the coasts that are now based on foreign climates.

I know him to a large extent
found a sufficient balance between continuity / stability and the need to adjust
his mixing from time to time with longer-term goals in mind.

He has gone
bit left field from time to time, resolutely mixed reaction … as with
37-year-old Schalk Brits in his plans and suddenly recently also dropped
Gio Aplon (36) for the wider team.

But Erasmus could not
be heavily blamed for his efforts to strengthen or maintain depth in many positions:
There are several, especially tight five, where players can drift or
out pretty much seamlessly without the unit being disturbed or weakened at all.

He was also
partially rewarding "little friends" (Cheslin Kolbe comes to mind, and he has been
pleasantly exciting) who may not have contacted some of the previous coaches.

also made enormous steps to bury the great department of weakness demonstrated
In the Coetzee era: the three backs where Aphiwe Dyantyi turned out to be a revelation
an attacking weapon and S & # 39; bu Nkosi (albeit with barriers to various injuries)
made a home for No 14 jersey when an arrangement.

And though
his predecessor, fairly, had set the ball to rotate by returning
Pieter-Steph du Toit – maybe a season Bok player? – blindside
Erasmus spent a little on the initiative, and
an impressive success.

Rating: 6/10

Game plan / game style

Extremely, Erasmus
It can be said that the boks have emptied a fair amount of summers if,
you like this front page, which was far too much of Coetze's character

There was
stronger urgency, direction and purpose for Boxing this year afterwards
especially at random two years before that – they gave a better impression
that a really good day, they may have the ingredients to knock out
anyone with a really red letter in Testisove.

almost always put together fighting, hard-working units – up there
from any planet, I believe – even if it is likely that the cracking will lead
encouragingly in the north graph, while the lineout standards slipped slightly
Toetie era.

He was
ready to sacrifice (certainly the lion's share of the time) presence
a genuine "fetcher", which favors a more general universal approach
stealing and slowing down, even though the formula was exposed to a considerable extent
at the end of the season at a turnaround in Cardiff.

At times
time, Bok's lineup emerged from a bunch of shops, though it is probably not enough
I always prefer to squeeze and there was a dull over-confidence – especially when Faf de Klerk was number nine – to kick some tests
matches; Boxes are still not the best ball winners in the air, which
Does not help.

is still an area where Boxing does not have a proper shot: the union of De Allende-Kriel
too rarely seemed intrusive as individuals or when it came
caliber (you can add the desired level) to their permeable / reject transport, which
meant Bok steals on broader platforms was a bothering negative for a lot of time.

Boxes did not usually struggle to get enough regular on the test pad
solider, faster fields – especially in the home and southern hemisphere
size – but it was too often adversely affected by the adhesive
your defense.

the problem area to be addressed in the next year's World Championships is
unexplained tendencies behind certain protrusions to hurry when
Boxes are at the top – it just leaks out too many points

Rating: 5.5 / 10


Taking into account
SA Rugby publicly announced that he could have made Bokin on the pitch
the team with RWC 2019 color players is 50%
statistically, they remain much shorter than its implementation
in 2018.

our barometer is maintained by journalist Garrin Lambley's full 14-match campaign,
Boxes culminated – at least during a tight day, unlike the wider
the team – 47.83 percent of the game in Wales Wales in Washington, is suspicious
where both teams invested in highly experimental configurations.

Erasmus was fully justified in these circumstances (when he shot his "first"
team "for opening home Test for England only a week later) take a
a liberal expression than some of the limits or especially youthful option, regardless of it
color – what he did.

played three other match-fixes in the 2018 ranks where they reached
about 45 percent of the black player's participation (so close to the announcement
goal) … but also several, in which a group was wounded in the age of thirty.

accompanied by all four matches for the rest of the year tour, though the coach could
claiming he was in danger of losing men who could have been
for quite a while, like Tendai Mtawarira and Lukhanyo Am.

the waiver of the change should probably not be defined purely on the basis of figures,
should it be?

named the black African captain Siya Kolisi, who deserved a widespread movement
praise and probably have gone quite certainly to the support so far
waving a quarter, and also revealed some real jewels in previous players
disadvantaged backgrounds, which became key factors – such as Dyantyi and Nkosi.

Papier showed interesting signs of potential at the scrumhalf problem site
towards the end of the year when the coach also promoted some requirements
such as 20-year-old Wunderkind Damian Willemse, who proposes versatility
The back-liner will move even closer to the regular match day for the team to attend the next

Deal with
Bok-rugby's unique "numbers" requirements are not straightforward but
Erasmus was probably a satisfactory, sincere command, even if that were the case
there is likely to be a continuing disagreement over the entire ideological spectrum
observers …

Rating: 6/10

Public relations

surprised me a bit … and all in favor.

He came in
a modest Bok job whose reputation is quite embarrassing –
Almost, but never quite in sight, sometimes from time to time –
the media spotlight.

In the previous
head coach / supervisor (of course SA soil), Erasmus was generally
I prefer to visit her business in a kind of silent solitude, not often
screaming on his laptop or his research to work with the scribes and
pundits: it left me wondering if he harbored some paranoia, despite his comfort
a sufficiently friendly nature and a body language as needed or willing.

But there it is
not a hiding place as a Springbok coach … and forgive him, he looked completely
appreciate it.

much of his Bok administration so far, Erasmus has gone refreshingly further
than to simply talk in sound or cautious locations in media commitments.

He has
sometimes talked with amazing openness in explaining choices, forms
the ability and aspirations of different players, including his behavior
players away from the staff or rotating.

In fact, he
has made personal mistakes sometimes so willingly to his jaw that he has
sometimes, was unnecessarily harsh for himself.

There is
there have been ups and downs, but Erasmus has been honest and honest. More
the same in 2019 would be a well-respected media / public in the world, I'm sure.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

TOTAL SCORE: 29.5 / 50 = 59 percent. It may
seem to be too generous for hard-line critics who have the right to feel
in a different way. Yes, he also made the most valuable lesson in this exercise
that category (last).

But my own
However, to accelerate, drive a rather hardened feeling that things,
but at this stage carefully, ARE are improving.

And it is
not bad bad, is not it?

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