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26 November 2018 • Finance, gadgets and games, South Africa

This investment is one of the biggest SA gaming and export hitherto.

This investment is one of the biggest SA gaming and export hitherto.

Prepaid cellular services and smartcalls have announced M10 investments in Mettlestate's growing growth within the South African gaming and export industry.

This ranking, one of the biggest SA games and exports, is used to create and receive different leagues in a consistent manner over the next few years.

The founder of Mettlestate, Barry Louzada, assures that the organization of more leagues is essential to promote SA's long-term and long-term growth of games and performances. Smartcall's investment goes far beyond this.

"More leagues means more opportunities for players at all skill levels and between different game results, with more rewards of time and passion for their boating. In March 2016, Mettlestate has arranged a variety of leagues, tournaments and qualifiers for various players' titles where players have won nearly 200 million prize money . "

"A major brand in the industry adds value to small or large investments, and this investment in Smartcall gives us the opportunity to do even more amazing things and drive more opportunities for players in South Africa, and it's very exciting. 20-year business under the belt, saw a reliable partner at Mettlestation. "

Smartcall Marketing Manager Jan Cronje states that Smartcall always strives to adjust and expand its operating base to new and exciting areas. Esports is currently only globally.

"A gaming model with mobile ties in both relaxed and esports would have been a missed opportunity to participate in this industry and introduce it to a whole new group of people across South Africa. We have been following and discussing with Mettlestate for some time and their passion, status and error-free events and the performance of their leagues makes us comfortable that we have put our investment in the right place, and together we can develop the future of our South African exports, "says Cronje.

South Africa's gambling and export business has grown exponentially in recent years, and it continues. Today, South Africa's playing space is more than ever, and more and more characters seem to be interested in it. Several characters begin to realize that it is more difficult to reach the audience they want to achieve by using "old" or "normal" marketing methods.

Businesses move away from the usual places advertisements promote, such as television, radio, and billboards, and find that people are consuming content in so many new ways – on their mobile devices or on flowing smart TVs and others – making it difficult for the goal through conventional methods.

"Much more characters are beginning to understand how connected and loyal players are, not only helping sales but also engaging in conversation and brand engagement online (through and outside social media). The game space is as complex as exciting, opening so many opportunities for brands across the board, "adds Louzada.

Cronje is listening to the feeling of Louzada. "Mettlestate and players' loyalty, passion and dedication throughout South Africa make this easy to invest in us. There are so many challenges in the Gaming and Espace modes, and it's time to start getting better, and this investment of R10 million is not as much investment as in the long run promises to gamblers throughout South Africa that Smartcall is here and is ready to help export South Africa together with Mettlestate, "says Cronje.

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