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Today in History on Saturday, November 10, 2018 | Todayinhistory

Today is Saturday, November 10, 314, 2018. There are 51 days remaining in the year.

Today's Highlights in History: On November 10, 1775, the US Marine Corps was held under the auspices of the Continental Congress.

1871: Journalist researcher Henry M. Stanley discovered a Scottish missionary David Livingstone, who had not been heard for years, near the Lake Tanganyika in Central Africa.

1917: 41 suffragists were arrested in front of a white house.

1928: Hirohito was the former emperor of Japan.

1938 Kate Smith sang for the first time Irving Berlin's "God Bless America" ​​for his CBS radio program. Turkish State Secretary Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died in Istanbul at the age of 57.

1942: Winston Churchill spoke in London, where he said: "I have not become the first minister of the king to lead the work of the British Empire."

1954 US Maritime Remembrance, which describes the rise of the American flag to Iwo Jimale in 1945, showed President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Arlington, Virginia.

1969 The Children's Degree Program "Sesame Street" began debuting National Educational Television (later PBS).

1972 Three armed men captured Southern Airways Flight 49, DC-9 and 24 other passengers on board in Birmingham, Alabama, and demanded $ 10 million in ransom. (A 30-hour trial involving nine US cities and the disembarkation in Toronto eventually ended in another landing in Cuba, where Cuban authorities took over the hijackers.)

1975 The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that responds to Zionism with racism (the World Body annulled the resolution in December 1991). The ore mining SS Edmund Fitzgerald was mysteriously sunk during the overwhelming storm when all 29 crew members were lost.

1982: The recently completed Vietnam Veterans Memorial was opened to its first visitors to Washington, DC, three days before its dedication. Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev died at the age of 75.

1997 The Massachusetts State judge reduced Louise Woodward's murder attempt to an unlawful killing and condemned the English au pair for 279 days he had served at the death of Matthew Eappen, 8 months old.

2005 Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, former Liberian finance minister, claimed victory in the country's presidential election.

Ten years ago: President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, hoped for Barack and Michelle Obama to visit the White House for nearly two hours of visit; the president and the president were elected to the Oval office, while the present and future first women spoke in the White House. Miriam Makeba, a South African folk singer and an apartheid activist, died at the age of 76 after a concert at Castel Volturno in Italy.

Five years ago: The discussions in Geneva on the containment of Iran's nuclear programs ended without agreement when France objected to the proposed measures not going far enough.

A year ago: Meeting the claims of a genocidal decision, comrade Louis C.K. said the allegations of five women harassment described in the New York Times report are "true" and he expressed repentance in order to use his influence "irresponsibly". The National Republican Senate Committee decided its fundraising contract with the Senate of Alabama with Roy Moore in light of the allegations of sexual contact with teenagers decades earlier. President Donald Trump arrived in Vietnam at the international economic summit, told the CEOs at the summit page, "We are not going to give the US any more benefits."

Today's birthdays: The composer Ennio Morricone (EHN & # 39; -oh Mohr-ee-KOHN & # 39; -eh) is 90. Blues singer Bobby Rush is 84. Actress Albert Hall is 81. Country singer Donna Fargo is 77. Former member Saxby Chambliss , R-Ga., Is 75. Lyricist Tim Rice is 74. Actor-dancer Ann Reinking is 69. Actor Jack Scalia is 68. Movie director Roland Emmerich is 63. Actress Matt Craven is 62. Actor-comedian Sinbad is 62. Actor Mackenzie Phillips is 59 Actor Hugh Bonneville is 55. Actor comedian Tommy Davidson is 55. Actor Michael Jai (jy) White is 54. Country singer Chris Cagle is 50. Actress Vanessa Angel is 55. Actor Hugh Bonneville is 55. Actor comedian Tracy Morgan is 50. Actor Ellen Pompeo (pahm-pay & # 39; -oh) is 49. Actor comedian Orny Adams is 48. Rapper producer Warren G is 48. Actor Walton Goggins is 47. Comedy actor Chris Lilley 44. Contemporary Christian singer Matt Maher is the 44th Rock singer Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) is 43. Rapper Eve is 40. Rock Musician Chris Joannou (john-a-yoo) Judge is 39. Actor Bryan Neal is 38. Actor Heather Matarazzo is 36. Country singer Miranda Lambert is 35. Actress Josh Peck is 32. Pop singer Vinz Dery (Nico & Vinz) is 28. Actress Genevieve Beuchner is 27. Actress Zoey Deutch (DOYCH) is 24. Actress Kiernan Shipka is 19. Actress Mackenzie Foy is 18.

I was thinking today: "Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice president, and all the fashionable pleasures make virtues". – Moliere, a French dramaist (1622-1673).

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