Tom Moyane warns of condemning President Ramaphos in court


President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.
President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.

PRETORIA: Former South African tax on income (Sars) Commissioner Tom Moyane says President Cyril Ramaphosa to the Constitutional Court if he does not change his mind about shooting him.

Moyane also says that if the Court agrees to him, the whole foundation on which he decides to shoot him will crash.

Moyane made a note on Monday in a letter to the President. He has given the president on Friday noon, on the contrary, without taking his decision to terminate his contract or to go out to court.

The former Commissioner has asked the court to declare that the Sars inquiry committee was illegally formed, acted outside its mandate, behaved improperly and made null and void conclusions.

Ramaphosa acted in accordance with the recommendations of the Commission's interim reports and shot Moya as a matter of urgency.

Moya's attorney Eric Mabuza said that President Ramaphos's letter of dismissal was full of examples of irrationality. Mabuza said it was difficult to understand what the president said in a letter.

Mabuza warned Ramaphosa that he had decided to terminate his client contract by knowing that matters related to Sars's reward were still unresolved by the Constitutional Court.

He said that such behavior was confined to the contempt of the court or the falsified ignorance of pending litigation, which stated that no person should be preventing litigation in such a manner.

Mabuza told Ramaphosa that such behavior was left unused by a reasonable president who had respected the prescribed prisoner, respected, respected and defended the constitution.


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