Monday , October 26 2020

Zuma has no questions in advance, says Zondo

The state abduction investigation commission said on Friday that it would in due course decide on the appearance of former President Jacob Zuma in the Commission, waiting for his presence to be strengthened.

In a statement published earlier today, the Commission representative, Mbuyiselo Stemela, said that it would not give Zuma any questions beforehand as it was going to ask her, as Zuma had asked.

"The Commission claims that Zuma is not entitled to ask him questions before he appears before he can consider making a commitment," Stemela said.

"It feels that it is enough for him to be told that he is given the opportunity to tell his story in response to what certain witnesses have said in his statements or statements or evidence of him or her or of certain questions concerning him …"

Stemela said the Commission had reserved Zuma's appearance on July 15-19. Dates, but he had not received information from his legal team as to whether the former president himself was involved.

"As of 30 April 2019, the Commission and Zuma lawyers exchanged correspondence at the request of the Commission, asking Zuma to provide it with a written undertaking that it will appear before the Commission before those dates.

The Commission will decide what needs to be done in this case, as serious allegations against Zuma have been offset by Commission certificates.

"The Commission is currently considering that, six weeks after it requested the company to be supplied, it has not been submitted to the company and will take such a decision or decisions as it deems appropriate."

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