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"123456" and "password" in the worst password rankings 2018 – 12/17/2018

SplashData, an information security company, published its annual list the worst passwords that were used in 2018, after to evaluate 5 million passwords filtered from the internet by hackers who are mainly responsible for North America and Western Europe.

"Bad habits are hard to kill," says a company who found that a among users Continue with the same predictable and easy-to-use password.

"Using these passwords impersonates someone a significant risk of being illegally and that they steal your identity, "they said in their statement.

Although the most common passwords are still available "123456" and "Password", this year also the president's name Donald Trump managed to get up in the rankings after reaching the location place 23.

"Sorry, Mr. President, but it does not apply to "counterfeit news" – use name or any other name common password is a decision dangerous"said SplashData's President and CEO Morgan Slain." Hackers are great success using celebrity names, pop culture and sports, and simple terms keyboard patterns sign in to online accounts because they know that many people use these easy-to-modify combinations, "he added.

Every year SplashData estimates millions of passwords in order to determine which users spend most of that year. Although well-known risks, millions of people continue to use weak and easy to guess passwords to protect your information online.

2018 was The fifth consecutive year when "123456" and "password" kept their first two posts on the list. The next five main passwords in the list are simply numeric strings.

"We hope this publication is published annually persuade people to take action to protect themselves online"Slain says." It's a real puzzle where everyone is known risks, and so many of the published leakage people are endangered year after year, "he said.

List of the worst 25 passwords

1. 123456

Password 2

3. 123456789

4. 12345678

5. 12345

6. 111111

7. 1234567

8. sunshine

9. qwerty

10. iloveyou

11th Princess

12. admin

13th welcome

"123456" and "password" are still the most used passwords. (Soumil Kumar / Pexels)

14. 666666

15. abc123

16. football

17. 123123

18th monkey

19. 654321

20.! @ # $% ^ & *

21. Charlie

22. aa123456

23. Donald

Password 24

25. qwerty123

How to Create an Effective Password

SplashData estimates that nearly 10% of people have used at least one of 25 worst passwords this year's list, and nearly 3% of people have used the worst password, "123456".

The security company offers three simple tips safer in front of network search engines:

1. Use passwords at least twelve characters Different characters.

"Password Phrase" ("password") may consist of a word order, or by using an abbreviation that refers to a sentence or a combination of both.

In addition to creating more secure passwords, experts recommend password management. GETTY IMAGES

In addition to creating more secure passwords, experts recommend password management. GETTY IMAGES

For example, a sentence "Hear the mortal holy shout" It can be shortened "OMEGS", and combined with the "Argentine national lust" can enter a password "OMEGSHimnoNacionalArgentino". You can even make it more effective by adding numbers: "0M3GSHimnoNacionalArgentino".

Hackers using raw power, It lasts 2 quintillion years secret password.

2. Use the password different for each site you sign in. This way, if the hacker is access for one of your passwords, you can not use it to use other sites.

3. Protect assets and that personal identity using a password management organize passwords, create secure, random passwords, and automatically log on to websites.

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