Thursday , May 6 2021

2 minutes of gameplay for V and his three demonic subjects

Devil May Cry 5 recovers what fascinated us so many of the previous saga batches and added elements to its elements but their most interesting and mysterious is its third main character.

V does not look too much like Dante and Nero. In fact, beyond their appearance and their unique way, their ability to fight between hands is not at the same level. And he also does not need it: Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare they clean up the streets of Red Grave City for her.

Grace is just a book and reed, V is demonic topics which allows you to cover all distances in an instant. And when he releases all his strength, he can invoke nightmare, the colossus is almost invincible for any kind of damage that can also project lasers.


None of these topics are comparable to a wheel that turns into two Dante swords, but – of course – they are as effective as they are spectacular.

And show your skills here new progress in the game is offered by IGN, where you will see two minutes of demonic action in the Crimson Cloud theme rhythm, V. Fighting Music.

V, Dante and Nero lead to chaos and demonic destruction Devil May Cry 5 PS, Xbox One, and PC March 8, 2019. And beware, the Microsoft console has a demo that you can test today.

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