30 were arrested for Boca Microsurgery



No one can approach less than 500 meters from the Nuñez monumental stadium when the criminal process is punishable when he is returned to prison

The prosecutor's office in Buenos Aires reported that 30 attacks against opposition detainees against Adriana Bellavigna and Saturday's protest against events at the Plate stadium were investigated and released on Sunday afternoon.

The precautionary body ordered all detainees to be released on Sunday by restrictive measures concerning their approach to the Monumental stadium.

As a matter of fact, the 30 released will not be closer than 500 meters from the River Plate stadium when the criminal process is being re-investigated as a punishable punishment if they do not comply with these measures, the Telam Agency announced.

The decision of 28 Juli Correa, Judgment of the Crime, Crime and Crime Court, approved the decision 28 because no accused had a criminal record.

These 30 people had been delayed during the events of this Saturday at the Copa Libertadores slalom when a bus that transferred the "xeneize" delegation to the Monumental stadium was attacked by fans against the stones River.

This vandalism caused a glass break in the micro enterprise and caused the creation of a supernatural near the Plate stadium, while the city police broke the tear gas into the assaults that also affected the activities of the visiting players.

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