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Adecoagro would take Sancor's factory in the Chivilcoy area before the end of the month

Sancor Chivilcoy

According to the note on the spot Infobae with the signature of the supplier Sebastián Catalano, Adecoagro's company, whose capital is part of a good percentage of the international donor George Soros, waits in the coming days that final approval is an important part of Sancoria.

Adecoagro, as has already been indicated by other means, will cost $ 45 million in Morteros, the industrial facilities in Cordoba province, in the provinces of Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, and Las Tres Niñas and Angelita.

According to Infobo, the meeting of members of the Cooperative Council approved the sale and transfer of real estate at the end of November.

In the sense of referring to this important action in the dairy sector, Mariano Bosch, Managing Director and founder of the company, points out that "the dairy market is the same 20 years ago. And the least responsible is the producer who is already very efficient and whose price is very low compared to other countries".

During the interview, Boschia is interviewed (in bold) and the answers were as follows:

How does a dairy company change with Sancor's purchases?

– We hope it will be approved in the coming days. And then we are going to announce the strategy and plans for those farms. We started with this meager strategy in 2003 when we analyzed whether the dairy farms ended or continued. And we will continue. We looked at many models and discovered that there is a large capacity to produce grains, climatic conditions, good water and good animals. The concept is that the cow will transform the vegetable protein into animal protein. The cows have a lot of comfort with sandbins making them more productive. We chew three times a day. At the Santa Fe Christophersen mega factory, we have 180 employees, which are about 300. There are 8,000 dairy cows and we have 14,000 four dairy farms that are fully operational for four years. We already produce 300,000 liters of milk a day, about 12 trucks and doubled this figure over two years.

– Why is a local dairy always in crisis?

– The conditions are there, but everything in the area grew and we did not. It is clear that we have a problem. We must be more competitive on the local market and exported, it is the biggest challenge for us in milk production. The whole system does not work. In order to have more milk, the producer has to pay the price. We need a more effective system because cow's milk comes out until it is exported or sold in a supermarket. This chain must be doubled. We do not want to reach one million hectares, and we do not want to grow. We will only grow if we have good partners and where we are comfortable

– Who is responsible for this?

– Plants, transportation, marketing. All. There is a lot to win. If we can get more effective, grow. If not, we will continue this way.

– How is a responsible state?

– Everyone is responsible. I would say that the least responsible is the producer who will continue production. The fault is in the chain and in the system. We are all responsible. You need to add added value. Everyone, like the market, we must take this step.

According to Infoecos and Las Radios de Trenque Lauquen (AM 1280 and FM 88.5), one of Sancor's factories in Coronel Charlone has returned to work in this western city of Buenos Aires, San Gotthard.

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