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Alfonso Ribeiro ("El princípe de Bel-Air") demands "Fortnite" to use Carlton's dance

Anyone who grew up in the '90s has seen at least one "Bel-Air Prince" a popular series of starring Will Smith, a boy who has grown up and lived in Philadelphia's west side without paying much attention to the police and who, after interfering with his Bel-Air brothers.

One of the most memorable characters in the series was Carlton Banks, played by actor Alfonso Ribeiro. Carlton was known for many things: in his posh-boy style Polon and around sweatshirt or childish personality. But no doubt, what everyone remembered about Carlton Banks was his popular dance, previously played in Tom Jones's "It's Not Unsual" rhythm.

Alfonso Ribeiro Fortnite

This fictional TV literacy stage began to become a popular culture and constantly through 2018, thanks to world-renowned video games "Fortnite", which has taken the Ribeiro dance stage into one of its star clusters. Something that apparently has not done much to the actor who has decided to take legal action against Epic Games, behind Fortnite.

According to Ribeiro, he is at the center of the copyright claim process. Your lawyer has talked to TMZ who provides more information on: "It is commonly known that Epic Games has irregularly adopted Ribeir's image and his intellectual property the world's most popular video game "Fortnite". Epic Games has earned astronomical revenue through its downloadable content, which includes gestures such as "Fresh". However, Epic has not been able to compensate Mr Ribeiro financially, nor has he asked for permission to use his image and his iconic intellectual property. "

Strong Prince Bel-Air

First Fortnite, then 2K

Obviously, the actor has not only challenged Epic games, but also He has also brought an action against 2K, a well-known sports games company that produces and distributes the official games of the NBA, NBA 2K each year. In games of basketball, One of the downloadable options to celebrate when you write a basket is the Ribeiro dance stage. So the actress has also sued a 2K mother company Take-Two Interactive, which also owns Rockstar Games, a publisher of the popular saga Grand Theft Auto.

What happened to the "Bel-Air Prince"?

1 Will Smith (Will)
Will Smith (Will)

What can be said, which is unknown at this stage Willard Carroll Smith Jr.? Yes, it is likely one of the most famous and successful actors in his generation (two Oscars, & # 39; Ali & # 39; and "Looking for Happiness" and eight of the films among the highest grossing film in the movie theater) and the African-American Community in Hollywood.

Although his latest films have not had the anticipated recognition (emphasis added "After the Earth" or "The truth hurts", and it is still strange that he does not repeat the paper that definitely puts him as a star (do not look for him as "Independence Day: Counterattack" because you can not find him), he is eagerly awaited characterizing the Deadshot in "Suicide Squadron" (premiere in August 2016) and has already announced its return to the "Two Rebel Police" with two new deliveries (coming from 2017 and 2019). He is currently sharing life, successes and failures with his wife Jada Pinkett (whom she met in a test drive "Prince of Bel-Air") and President Barack Obama has publicly announced that if a movie had ever been made for him, he would want Smith to be the main character. It is still far away … or not?

Will Smith eCartelera

2 James Avery (Philip)
James Avery (Philip)

When the career is over one hundred and seventy accredited characters, James La Rue Avery moved to the remaining Phil's Uncle… when he was not embarrassed with Reginald VelJohnson ("Rogue at full speed" (John Landis, 1980). "Hill Street's sad song" or "Cagney and Lacey" and rely on the animated characters of his voice "Ninja Turtles", "Rock & # 39; Wrestling", Rambo or "Ghostbusters". Your step & # 39;[a/] "> Prince of Bel-Air" he became one of the top 25 TV shows on the TV and was the tool he almost always worked on after the most popular sitcom. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 65 on December 31, 2013 after an open heart attack.

James Avery at eCarteler

3 Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton)
Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton)

Life has taken him to very different ways to Cousin Carlton or rather Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro. With a massive gift (which turns out to be self-destructive if necessary), the child participated in the musical Tap Taping Kid and starred in a popular beverage with Michael Jackson. After trying to sing, in the eighties decided to try her luck as an actor on various subtle televisions until she reached her most popular character in the 1990s. He has been a Motorsport driver (he was declared a champion of the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach, California, 1994 and 1995), an actress copying animation series, commercial director and director of television series like "In a house" (1995-1999); "One On One" (2001-2006); "All of us" (2003-2007) or "Shake It Up!" (2010-2013). A couple of years ago it came trending topic thanks to the great dance that he won "Dancing with the Stars" (Look Who's Dancing!) In 2014.

4 Karyn Parsons (Hilary)
Karyn Parsons (Hilary)

The sweet indignation of the oldest daughter of the banks may be closed by a few doors: Since 2002, Karyn Parsons is not known for its excellent interpretative works. Before the achievement "Prince of Bel-Air"He had made a couple of TV episodes and an unknown Serie B horror film, "Bitch Witch" (Michael Fischa, 1989); later he was created, produced together and starred in the series "Lush Life" in 1996, which was canceled shortly after the broadcast started. A couple of short films, "The horror of girls" (Reginald Hudlin, 2000) and "13 Months" (Alexandre Rockwell, 2002) and their participation in a series "Job" (2001-2002), were his last appearances in front of the cameras. As a producer, he has worked in addition to the aforementioned "Lush Life" in two periods "Sweet Blackberry Presents" in the year 2008.

5 Tatyana M. Ali (Ashley)
Tatyana M. Ali (Ashley)

Artistic career Tatiana Marisol Ali, both musical and interpretative, has not suffered a few ups and downs because he started acting for only four years and with five he won the Search Star competition. "Sesame Stree" ("Sesame Street") and in the movie "Crocodile Dundee II" (John Cornell, 1988), and after the African-American reference frame was episodic, "Bill Cosby's Time", was elected Little Ashley, who had been in the six years of the year "Prince of Bel-Air", I went to be a girl pizpireta for an attractive young woman who wants to eat the world. He continued his musical career thanks to his partner Will Smith's impulse, and in 1999 he released Kiss the Sky, which became the gold record in the United States. I will not release another album ("The Light") until 2008, but all the time He has continued his participation in several media products, both in cinemas and on television ("Mothers and Daughters", Rodrigo García, 2009) and postgraduate studies in anthropology and Spanish. His presence was a very active candidate for Barack Obama's tour in 2008.

Tatyana Ali eCartelera

6 Janet Hubbert (Vivian # 1)
Janet Hubbert (Vivian # 1)

First (and many fans, genuine) Vivian Banks of "Prince of Bel-Air" he was only in three of the six seasons, which lasted for a series, and his output was always somewhat controversial: some sources claim that Janet Louis Hubert-Whitten he was fired after a pregnancy, something that the Actors of Sitcom had been banned by agreement, but another version states that the twin friendship had been agreed to include the pregnancy itself in the cartoon and that at the end of the third year (simultaneously when Aunt Viv delivered), he left to care for his newborn in real life. Let it happen then, ever since his work has been exported only to episodic characters ("Friends", "Gilmore Girls") or to secondary ones with more or less attendance, the case "Job" (2001-2002) or "One Life to Live" (2005-2010). He is an Ambassador of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, who has been suffering for years.

7 Daphne Reid (Vivian # 2)
Daphne Reid (Vivian # 2)

New Yorker pure position, Daphne Maxwell Reid replaced Janer Hubert-Whiten as Vivian Banks as "Bel-Air Prince". Although he had studied architecture and interior design, he began experimenting with his luck as an occasional TV actress in the late 70s and in the eighties we could see him "Hill Street's sad song" (1981-1986); "Two crimes" (1983) "Franks Place" (1987-1988) or & # 39; sniffer & # 39; (1989). Over the last twenty years, he has not stopped working in several teleseries Linc n & # 39; (1998-1999); & # 39; Eve & # 39; (2003 to 2006) or "Stay together" (2011-2014), which is compatible with the management of the producer New Millennium Studios with his husband, actor and comedian Tim Reid. He has just released a movie, "Shooting Player" (David E. Powers, 2016) but has not had international distribution.

8 Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey)
Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey)

Born in the Caribbean Saint Lucia, but was raised in prestigious British schools and academics as he moved with his family to Yorkshire when he was only five years old, this trained veteran operator of the Royal Shakespeare Company became an ideal interpreter who gave life to the sarcastic and nervous butler, with British, who worked at the banks' house. Before we could see him in such movies "Playing Out" (Horace Ové, 1987) and appreciated "Awakening of freedom" (Richard Attenborough, 1987). After hanging Geoffrey's uniform "Prince of Bel-Air" emphasizes its presence in teleseries "Beauty and power" (2003-2004); "Neighborhood people" (2006) and "Holby City" (2008). today is part of the mythical Globe, the London Theater directed by William Shakespeare and his company Lord Chamberlain's Men built in 1599.

9 Ross Bagley (Nicky)
Ross Bagley (Nicky)

When only six years old, Ross Bagley I had already appeared "A bunch of bumps" (Penelope Spheeris, 1994) and his premature self-reliance made him only the benjamin of the Banks family over the last three years "Prince of Bel-Air", but that cousin Will Smith signed him with his partner Vivica A. Fox's son "Independence Day" (Roland Emmerich, 1996). He put the sound on one of the characters "Babe, a brave little pig" (Chris Noonan, 1995) and in the section "Wild Thornberrys" (1999), and, when Judge Amy (2004) briefly went through, he completely disappeared until last year he participated in the "Legend" (Timothy Woodard & John Michael Elfers, 2015), the Z-series horror movie straight to the home market.

10 DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jazz)
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jazz)

Probably this is a series of genuinely authentic mark … if that's the reason why Jeffrey Allen Townes, an artist called DJ Jazzy JeffHe practically interpreted the young Will's adventure as a necessary friend and youth. She and Smith were rap music duo, and achieved great success on stage: in the series, this picture she published outside the banks' mansion was an icon, and in virtually every episode we waited impatiently for this scene. When the sitcom was over, he never tried his possessions as an actor: he was a musician, and until 2007 he continued to release hip hop and R & B albums with either his friend and Prince Soloian.

11 Bonus: Cameos and coming stars
Bonus: Cameos and coming stars

Some of the famous stars from Hollywood clump at some point in the series: actors Pam Grier ("Jackie Brown"), Pat Morita (Karate Kid) or a veteran Zsa Zsa Gabor ("Thirst for Evil") for athletes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Isaiah Thomas, through other personalities like Quincy Jones (remember, a series producer), Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno, B. B. King or Donald Trump (!). But if there is one celebrity the star of which we remember with special affection Tom Jones, smiling Carlton idol and guardian angel … Jaleel White (Steve Urkel "Things From Home") and Gary Coleman (& Arnold & # 39;) also visited the sitcom.

Today it is amazing to see how some African-American actors, who are now sanctified, took the first steps of the episode "Prince of Bel-Air". To mention a few: Tyra Banks, Don Cheadle, Queen Latifah or Chris Rock.

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