"Alien: Blackout" is a brand new to Kojima and Fox's registered video games


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At some point during the year a statement was given that would mean a shooter a high potassium based on a well known and recognized film family alien, this way, xenomorphs could return to the world of video games after years of absence, isolation for example, it was his most prestigious game (last) to consider.

Considering, for example, Twitter accounts, such as the registered name and Hideo Kojima who shared their visit to Fox Studios, all show that we have nothing that we can not ignore. At the moment we can also mention that there are people who are connected to expression (and typography)The worlds are changing"Logo"Weyland Yutani"Alien's universe. It looks like it's a bit fun, and I do not think it's so similar, but game Awards It is a ceremony that is always on the lips, excitement and the like. In any case, the official answer to The Game Awards was that Kojima's "The world is changing!" which you sent to your Twitter account for visiting studios 20th Century FOX.

We need to pay attention to the broadcast on 6 December to see if Fox studios reveal to us that this is so much insecurity, on Twitter and in photos.


Publisher: gaming / Facebook / twitter / Coverage


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