Angelici has decided to ask for points before CONMEBOL


The Boca campus, which has already been installed in the hotel where he focuses, met to request a formal request from Conductor to CONMEBOL to give him a victory.

"Pablo Pérez needs to rest well and take care of what's happening tomorrow morning when he wakes up," said Juan Fernández, a Xeneize correspondent.

"Daniel Angelici meets with other leaders and lawyers to analyze the necessary actions and in Boca they are convinced to make a formal request to the South American football mum to ask for points," said the reporter.

"Boca believes that what has happened is not different from what happened in 2015, Piper gas evening, CONMEBOL is about to give the game to Boca after Angelici and D & O Onofrio have concluded an agreement with CONMEBOL," Fernandez closed.


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