Saturday , March 6 2021

Athletic Bilbao, Spanish Super Cup, live: Messi returns to look for a new title

After the return of Argentine Lionel Mess, Barcelona is aiming for the first title of the era of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman this Sunday when he faces the Athletic Club de Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup final.

The game will be played at Sevilla’s La Cartuja Stadium at 5pm in Argentina as a broadcast from DirecTV Sports.

It took almost 37 minutes before Barcelona kicked the goal. And of course it happened from the left leg of the Lionel Mess: the cross ball that had risen during the last meters crossed the crossbar. Leo, without spaces, took advantage of the moment when he saw some light in the clutter of competitors to be tested from the outside before it was impossible to break into the apparently seamless Athletic lock.

By then, the Basques had already owned, including a mid-range shot from Ander Capalta, who finished the attack in an attempt to surprise Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, who was always well placed.

Those ordered by the Dutchman Ronald Koeman did not find alleys that could combine their songs. The complication was presented to him from the beginning. Messi was too far from the ball in the wrong nine, and therefore the Argentine had to go back several meters to land in the center circle and be able to offer himself the first pass to build the team without contact between his lines.

From the password to Unai Simon’s territory, Lionel demolished himself as he armed the last opponent’s line with a good deep pass to climb to his side Jordi Alba, who restored the wall at the back that Messi could not connect. However, it was Antoine Griezmann to capture the orphan ball and make it 1-0.

Finally, the Catalans managed to infiltrate and thrive abroad, which cost them the entire Andalusian night. But Barça’s satisfaction lasted 120 seconds. Because Bilbao returned quickly and hit while the Barcelona players were still hugging.

Iñaki Williams dominated, raised his head and assisted De Marcos, who looked like a ghost on Jordi Alba’s neglected back and inside the right shoe leveled the score again.

When Dembelé was unbalanced with each other and when Pedri’s son was away, La Pulga had no attempt to be close to the fire area. Worse, Athletic gave him great fear with Muniain’s free kick, which landed at Raúl García’s head and whose final destination was Barcelona.

It was a goal and was celebrated on the Basque side, but VAR rightly found that García’s right foot was in the advanced position and the referee overturned the situation, which would have been 2-1.

It was like a vibration that evoked blue and red. When the ball was in his power, Barcelona began to carry more tightly abroad. Find the other side and try to move your opponent to create the necessary gaps forward.

Koeman moved the chips and switched to Dembelé on the left. And there came the action of the second goal: Hyttynen made a good combination with Jordi Alba and in the side center found a qualified and fine left-handed man defined by Griezmann. When Messi played unable to stand out, a good level of French for Barcelona was welcome. But…

Garitano got on, and sent Assier Villalibren a substitution. And the attacker did his job: a minute later, he leveled everything when he hit the free kick center. And the nightmare was becoming more awful for Mess and the next great goal that Williams already made in the sequel with a great definition after the big Team Game.

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