Boca asked to suspend Superfinal, but Conmebol says it must be played


Less than five hours after the Superfinal timetable, Boca called for the suspension of football at River and the penalties provided for in Section 18 of Conmebol.

"Club Atlético Boca Juniors made a formal presentation to Conmebol on Sunday to ask for it The Copa Libertadores Final can be played under equal conditions, as the Presidents of the former Boca and River in South America have agreed on a record signed at Monumental on Saturday, "he said in a statement.

He added: "Yesterday afternoon, Boca Juniors asked for a postponement of the match because of the events and it was given priority that it could be played under the same conditions." After the violence in the vicinity of the stadium, their extent and severity, as well as the consequences that have arisen in the establishment, Boca considers that these conditions have not been fulfilled and requests the suspension of the game and the application of the corresponding penalties provided for in Article 18 so that Conmebol operates accordingly. "

Attack with Rivera fans with Mouth Micro

After consultation with the institution's decision and the meeting between the senior management of the institution xeneize She requested that the party be postponed by arguing that the conditions were due to the dispute over the meeting "impartiality".

In addition, the La Ribera Department demanded that similar penalties be applied Article 2018 of the Disciplinary Board.

This part of the regulation includes the penalties that can be imposed on clubs. The most important are "point deduction", "determination of game end result", "obligation to play behind closed doors" and "exclusion and / or exclusion of competitions from future competitions"


1. Pursuant to Article 64 of the Statute of the CONMEBOL, sanctions may be imposed separately or jointly for the same offense against national associations and clubs:

a) Warning.
b) Reprimand, warning or warning.
(c) A financial fine which must never be less than nine dollars (USD 100) or more than US DOLLARS FOURTH ASSISTANCE (USD 400,000).
d) Canceling the Match Result.
e) Playing a Match.
(f) reduction of points.
g) Determining the match result.
h) Obligation to play the game behind the closed doors.
i) Completely or partially closing the stadium.
j) Prohibition of gambling at a particular stadium.
(k) the obligation to play a match in a third country.
l) Rejection and / or exclusion of competitions.
(m) Withdrawal of title or prize.
n) Withdrawal of a license.
(o) prohibiting the sale of tickets and / or purchases.

2. Courts may impose sanctions under one or more of the preceding numbers in order to commit the same offense.

In the meantime at 13.00 monumental It opened its doors to the local public.

Conmebol, on the other hand, remains firm in the fact that it must be played for 17 years, as yesterday was signed in the "gentlemen's agreement" between Alejandro Domínguez, Rodolfo Donofrion and Daniel Angelic.

Agreement between the Presidents of the River Boca and Conmebol:

"At Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the twenty-fourth day of November 2018, at 19:00, they meet: President Alejandro Domínguez WS for the South American Football Association, President Rodolfo D 'Onofrio River Plate Club and President Daniel Angelici for the Boca Juniors Club as part of CONMEBOL LIBERTATORS FINAL ED 2018's return match to make it the following:

The fact that the Boca Juniors bus a few meters from the River Plate Club Stadium security ring has been hit by stone.

The Presidents considered CONMEBOL LIBERTATORS FINAL to be able to maintain the sport's prerequisites for sporting extension on November 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm, which will be held on Club River Stadium.

It is the presidency's intention that tomorrow's END will be carried out without violence that it will be challenged on the same terms and that the football in Argentina and South America will win in a peaceful party. "


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