Boca Micro: bottle driver and leader action that avoids the tragedy – 25/11/2018


Darío Rubén Ebertz is a Boca team driver for years. And it was a micro-bike during the attack on Athens Del Libertadores and Lidoro Quinteros on Saturday. He took it for himself, more peacefully, to reveal it What a violent and complicated moment, it would actually have become a tragedy.

Ebertz said he lost before bottles and, If it had not been for the reader's legibility, everything would have gone to the worst direction. "It was an ugly feeling, I did not want it to anyone, I never thought I would live in that moment, there are no words that describe it, it's a soccer match and I thought we would go to war," his story began.

"This has never happened to me, we have never had so many competing fans, and when I left the Libertador tunnel, I realized that something could happen and announced a motorcycle to the police to accelerate because he was going to Repeat already," he continued. He added: "I broke two closed pages. They broke the glass and covered my face. He left a bottle of beer on my side".

At that time, Boca's driver broke away. "I was breathless, it was a few seconds, I was really afraid because I felt the way was hard, Horacio Paolini (second club president) grabbed my bike and asked me if I was okay. My paul was an angel that God sent me because otherwise I would not say this. If nobody took the wheel, I do not know where we are, "he admitted.

Paolini told her toot that "could have been a tragedy". "I got to the steering wheel when I saw it gringo He disappeared for a few seconds. It was enormous because the glass exploded and that's why he accelerated. They threw steam on us and because I had glasses, they did not affect me and I could stick to the steering wheel, "the executive director stressed.

Expertise in Boca Micro Business. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Expertise in Boca Micro Business. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Gradually, the driver gave more details about what he had experienced: "I did the curve of Lidoro Quinteros and I met again many people from the river, I wanted to absorb me and I was in despair because I felt the kids were being beaten. I know I had a lot courage in the microwave and therefore I was scared. "

Ebertz, for its part, explained it how the police took them was the same as ever, even though he emphasized the construction of protection structures: "When I got to the hotel, I did not know exactly where we had to go in. They wanted to go around Puerto Madero and go back, but go to the River Courtyard, you'll always come through Quinteros and Libertador. In the previous matches, there were always wooden fences in this area that were covered by the end of the line. Now they were not. Nobody says"he complained.

He went on and encouraged to speak about the "liberated zone". "The other drivers who know that the thing has been said to me" I think they gave you a gift, gringo& # 39 ;. And for me they released the area. It's true that the players sang. It is normal. The last game, the river also came to sing and nothing happened to them. "

Expertise in Boca Micro Business. (Image: Juano Tesone)

Expertise in Boca Micro Business. (Image: Juano Tesone)

gringo, as all people in the world call Boca, said that pepper gas came to the microphone that came to Monumental. "The gas came in. It affected me and lost my life. I came without air to the court. I could not even move from the seat. When you pass the part that we were spoiled, they later thrown the gas. Guys who had attached micro-glasses told me that you still can not be close because you know the effect of the pepper spray. "

Nonetheless, Ebertz assured that he will not get out of work, and that he will continue with Bocan: "The ship can not leave it, Boca is my life, I owe it to the company that allows me to work on campus the driver.".


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