Saturday , May 8 2021

"Bold, give me a straight and send me a cute little picture": WhatsApp voices by the arrested council

Daniel Zisuela, 56 years old Trust: Buenos Aires Police

'Meat I can, give me a favor and send me a cute little picture, I'm with my friends, which are sold to you. " So, Florencio Varelan,
Daniel Zisuela, who was arrested this morning in front of his family in his wool in La Plata city accused of prostitution of minors, spoke to one of his victims who filed for the court when he filed a complaint.

The Buenosair police made 11 invasions. According to the study, Zisuela quoted minors as the Princes Resto bar at Camino General Belgrano 420 in Florencio Varela. There,
Frente Renovador agreed on meetings with minors. They started to drink and then went to a different hotel area.

Buenosair police received a member of the Council of Florencio Varela this morning
Buenosair police received a member of the Council of Florencio Varela this morning Trust: Bonaere's police

According to sources of research, one of the children who had already become tired of Zisuela's harassment approached Daniel Ichazon's UFIJ (Office of Education and Judiciary) 1 responsible and appealed. Then two other victims, including minors, approached and reported that Zisuela, 56, forced them to have relations between them.

Some of the research is still in full teaching. The judiciary is looking for minors who initially encountered the victims in Zisuela.

"How are things going to school? Look, this does not block other things for us," is another WhatsApps sound.

The victims reported that their disturbance was ongoing. They said that whenever he asked for more photos and wanted to do more meetings. Researchers state that Sizuela paid 1,000 to 4000 pesos per meeting.

"Dale prepares, Mom, you have to work today, tomorrow I'll take you three angles tomorrow," Zisuela told one of his victims, according to the researchers' voice. The Prisoner was also the President of Club Argentino de Quilmes and the current secretary general of the Southern Region of Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomy of the Republic of Argentina (Uthgra). On this basis, they said that he used his power as an official and trade union to capture minors.

On this morning, the Buenos Aires police went to temporary shelters where Zisuela arrived with minors. According to the study, facilities facilitated adult access to children.

Researchers said the reason for impunity was the recognized person of Quilmes and Florencio Varela. Prosecutor Ischazo looks for extraordinary acts that gave him access to those hotels. In addition, the Ombudsman's agents went to the Argentinian club at Uthaga headquarters in Quilmes; where he was the president, and the Advisory Board, where they confiscated the investigation file.

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