Buy critical currencies, the key to the future


Mexico.– Investing in critical currencies, in addition to achieving it, is an opportunity to get acquainted with this technology that controls payments in the future but is already approved to buy products and services Japan and Germanyhe confirmed Amir Manzur.

Cubobit CEO – The Mexican exchange platform through which you can buy or sell five different encryption currencies – emphasized that there are about one thousand encryption currencies in the world.

"Cubobit offers Mexico's five strongest or largest activations in Mexico, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Ethereum or Liteco, which pays 0.5% of the traded or purchased trade," he explained.

In the case of Manzuri, the current variation of these currencies marks the process of maturing the market, as the public still has no knowledge, causing nervousness before regulatory news or foreclosure of some stock exchanges.

However, he stressed in his statement that the currencies have plummeted year-on-year and fell and have so far put a positive balance on the returns.

"When used as a traditional means of payment, it stabilizes," as was the case with the Internet, he said.

"In 1999, there was too much speculation, deep autumn, then stability, and see what's right now." The Internet was matured, strengthened, and now it was put into practice, "said Mexican businessman.

While this is happening, and before the arrival of the Fintech Act and its subsidiary regulation, which is still under way, Cubobit will focus on meeting all of the requirements set by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) and Condusse as it is a preventive measure against money laundering.

By participating in this exchange platform, the user must create a name and address and, according to the volumes exchanged, the requirements change. If you want to sell or buy more than 20 thousand pesos, biometrics must be delivered to the user's face.

Cubobit's shares go from a much larger transaction to 100 pounds because there are no limits yet.

"You can buy the quantity you want, it's interesting to know and understand it. When people become familiar, the market grows and we want to be part of the participants," said Manzur.



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