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Carina Zampini spoke on the complaint of harassment of Calu Rivero against Juan Darthés

Carina Zampini spoke on the complaint of harassment of Calu Rivero against Juan Darthés Credit: Instagram

At first it was María Valenzuela. Then Rocío Igarzábal and Florencia Ortiz. Some of the actors Sweet love, The great success of Telefe in 2012, they did not hesitate to support Calu Rivero when he decided to break the silence and share his experiences in and out of telenovela recordings with his other actors Juan Darthés.

Others, such as Sebastián Estevanez and Georgina Barbarossa, were originally fixed with the actor, but after a rape complaint by Thelma Fardin, they apologized to Rivero. Carina Zampini, the great protagonist of the classical soap opera, spoke on the subject for the first time on Tuesday.

The actor and host were the guest of honor Angels in the morning. There he talked about his beginnings, his romances, his choice to keep a low profile. But at some point in the discussion, Cinthia Fernández asked her about it. And he took off his glove, “I was talking about something at the time. I also didn’t want to talk too much, because the truth is, I had no knowledge of the fact that Calu was talking about,” he began by defending himself.

There were, in fact, several “facts” that Rivero condemned. The actor, who personifies Natacha in that fiction, decided to give up telenovela with complete success – not only in his first lead role, but his character was a favorite of the general public – but he was forced to leave the media several times a year.

When she was ready to talk about what had happened, she told Catalina Dlug in an interview that she had been harassed. Following his statements, Darthés decided to sue him for damages, but it didn’t take long for the witnesses of two other actors, Anita Co. and Natalia Juncos, to condemn events that were very similar to the events reported by Rivero.

Despite the allegations, Darthés was given the lead SIMON, a comedy series for children and young people starring Ángela Torres. Everything changed when, in the middle of a press conference, Thelma Fardin said the actor raped her on an ugly duckling tour in Nicaragua when she was 16 years old. Fardin also announced at that conference that he had initiated legal action against Darthés in that country. In the face of this situation, the accused decided to settle with his wife and two children in the country of origin in Brazil.

Rivero condemned Zampini insisted, “If I had been aware of it at the time, I wouldn’t have to explain today because I would have done something. I’m not one of those people who pretends things don’t happen, less Somehow I would have intervened or talked to Quique Estevanez [el productor del programa]. I did not know. “

Although during the interview with the host A great prize for the kitchen stated that “it is good to listen to the victim at all times, regardless of gender, and to follow the relevant investigation until someone trained makes a decision,” he clarified that he never saw in Darthés an attitude that made him think he was an abuser.

“It is worth saying that in the years when I worked with Juan Darthésin, which was quite a bit since then Sweet love we did The way to love, I never saw him with an attitude that made me think he could become this or that thing. He never did that to me. It’s also good to say, ”he decided.

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