Carlos Tevez: "They force us to play and we are not in the circumstances"


Uncertainty and anger at Boca's locker room are enormous. Pablo Pérez went to the hospital, but Conmebol confirmed that the remainder of the Copa Libertadores was the same. But Carlos Tevez and Fernando Gago came across teams and fans.

"Most of us are fine, there are 3 or 4 who have minor injuries. We are not in a situation where they play, they force us"said Apache, one of Xeneizen's major references.

I was surprised by this situation. I had an allergic reaction, many of them with pressurized and breathing difficulties. It is not the best way to prepare for the game and I think it's a finale like this one.

My throat burned and I wanted to vomit, my headache suddenly went away. These things do not have to happen. We had a duty to play it and not to be labeled in the circumstances. I can not believe what's happening.

This is the theme of society in which we live. We are exposed to the world. President conmebol and fifa one take and look at us.

River player did not ask how we did. And when the peppers passed, they complained that no one from Boca saw how they did.

We went in the middle of the river fans. Singled in the microphone and everything was very fast.


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