CGT does not call for strike, but asks that all private companies will charge between $ 5000 and 08/11/2018


The five thousand pesos bonus, which the CGT negotiated with the government this week and then expanded to the entrepreneurs' table, was a tool that deactivate strike which never occurred to Carlos Acuña, one of the intentional expression of the Secretaries-General when the day of Tucuman's loyalty was realized.

The plenary session of the Center for Workers dismissed the employee's head of service stations. After the meeting, machinist Omar Maturano was the first driver to give the potential force. However, CGT wants to renegotiate some of the items contained in the draft regulation that came to the discussion board at the Azopardo headquarters.

Even the collective Roberto Fernandez, one of the leaders who has a key role to play in ensuring the effectiveness of the strikes, has warned of the lack of readiness to go to unemployment.

At CGT, they accept that the bonus ends only in the private sector, with the exception of domestic workers and rural workers with special schemes. Although the state, UPCN's director Andrés Rodríguez, to re-negotiate these hours again. The debate is still pending, if state-owned companies they will get a bonus.

"This decree that the president's signature must originate 5,000 pesos in hand a worker who can turn the bike around for consumption, "said Héctor Daer, Acuña's test drive in the press before the press.

Yesterday afternoon, a proposal for a regulation that Mauricio Macri would sign during the next lessons was prepared, was analyzed in Azopardo. During the meeting, Daer negotiated directly with the Ministry of Production and Labor the opportunity to modify the points obstructed by the Workers' Center.

The head of healthcare hoped that the entire private sector bond would be indispensable and payable in two equal installments, the first being November wages; and the second one in January.

"There is no way that it is due to a common future or other movement", he warned after ratification that there was no unemployment. "It's for all sectors, for those who are upgraded and for those who can not open again," Daer said. Details: For CGT, 75% of the contracts have not been updated jointly.

Can there be an exception that you do not pay? "Said Vaati Daer, who replied,"It is a duty to pay it; today there are 5000 pesos above the table and any variable must lead to a joint negotiation and that the trade union industry can take it as a basis for the discussion. "And he was convinced that the government accepted it:" It is just the signature of the regulation, which is the governing body has already been discussed. "

The Regulation takes into account the fact that companies must previously inform the Government of the dismissal of employees. CGT is about which is valid until 31 March.

"We already know that business people do not accept it, and we have a government that already has a veto to prevent the barriers" Daer anticipates the opening umbrella.

So he reconstructs this diary, there was only one crossing in the meeting. Julio Piumato, legalist, questioned that the bond was greatly overwhelmed by the outstanding balance. It was Maturano who put the words on what his colleagues thought. He suggested to the Court that its parity was closed to 40% and that no one in its sector pay any profit "is not reasonable to appeal".

But the bargaining process caused other cracks. Teacher Sergio Romero, Secretary of Education Policy, decided to leave the meeting for a board meeting. Ask your interest and consider snub that you have not fought in your hired field.


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