Sunday , May 16 2021

Compensation paid for millions of things is forbidden to former US President of the US media force for alleged sexual exploitation

United States, New York. Chairman of the Board The national and giant US media network CBS announced on Monday that it would not pay for its former president, Leslie Moonves, not just one percent of the 120 million euro compensation provided for in the agreement.

"As regards Mr Moonves, we have decided that it is justified to stop the right cause, including misuse of authorization and intentional misuse, violation of the company's operating principles and breach of contract", the panel stated in its statement.

According to his generous agreement, Moonves owes about $ 120 million. But the junta kept them waiting for the study results of two law firms who were hired to investigate allegations of sexual exploitation to senior management.

"Mr. Moonves does not get any compensation from the company," the board said Moonves had "a complete deficiency", "to commit fully to co-operation" with the study.

The former leader had agreed to leave CBS in September for allegations of sexual exploitation of several employees, but was expected to receive a large amount of financial compensation, assuming he had not violated the terms of his contract.

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