Saturday , May 8 2021

Confirm that Epiviral has the onset of hantavirus and strengthen preventive measures

So far, there are six cases, two of which ended in death. The region's last history was in 1996

Chubut Health Minister Jorge Elías, assistant director of the Esquel program environment, said during the last few hours that he was "in a situation where the Hankavirus erupted in the city of Epuyén, which has not had a background since 1996 when a similar incident took place in Río Negro, El Bolsón."

A specialist explained that the observed cases of hantavirus are classified as "outbreaks" because "they occur at the same time, at the same time in the same location at the same place in Epuyen", so the chance lasted for the last hour. that it has been transmitted through human-like infections.

The most common known forms of epidemic spread through the virus is the transmission of a small rodent "Oligoryzomys longicaudatus", known as "colilargo mouse" in the mountains, where it increases especially during flowering. canine colihue.

However, the multidisciplinary team, consisting of Nation experts and "for several hours analyzing the situation and up-to-date information, came to a hypothesis from a human relationship until the opposite," Elías acknowledged.

Whenever describing the "person-person" admission that was now accepted as an hypothesis, the official explained that "the first consideration is that it is a unique and exceptional case in time and space because all positive cases in the same place."

He also clarified that "another factor to be taken into consideration is the 7 and 21-day timeline that has occurred in positive cases in the symptom situation", which rose to six Malbrán's strengths.

And the third point is that, "after a week of hard work, we did not have positive catches from rodents who were placed at both the venue where people were in contact with humans in the peridomic sections of those who were in contact with them".

Up to now, there are six positive cases out of which two dead, two patients were discharged, one was taken to the Esquel Regional Hospital's Intensive Therapy Unit in the respiratory weaning process and the remaining ambulatory good clinical conditions.

However, in the last few hours, a new patient who has not been confirmed has been added, although it is the same clinical picture: it is a 61-year-old employee of the Epuyén city dead who is in the study even without a respirator, and his situation is not criticized.

In all of this, it should be said that hantavirus infections in Chubut are "expected" because it is a virus risk area. "The North-Western region of Chubut has been a hentatist transfer zone since the mid-1990s, unfortunately it is not surprising that there are cases," said the Infectious Society of Infectious Diseases and Tomás Orduna, the Muñiz hospital, of tropical medicine.

Orduna said that the Deaths recorded so far are "unfortunately expected because it is a risk area and we still have about twenty percent of the deaths of the virus in Argentina".

In any case, the proponent stressed that in the country "we are globally below the mortality of thirty or forty percent".

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