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Copa Sudamericana: competing at Racing debut – 17.12.2018

In addition to the 2018 Copa Libertadores bout, the South American Cup was held this evening in Asuncion, where six of Argentina's participants are present.

"The South American Cup has great advantages on economic terms and prizes," says President of the South American Football Association, Alejandro Dominguez, in his short speech, which he made in the South American Football Order.

Six Argentine teams participating in the 2019 edition were fun. Although the Superliga leader competes with the powerful Corinthians in Brazil (though he finished the last Brazil in the third, first in San Pablo and then in Avellaneda), Independiente is forced to meet the Peruvian Binational Sports (Puno Division) as a series of visitors.

The Argentinos Junior will first receive Estudiantes de Mérida and then travel to Venezuela. Santafesinos clubs, curious, define a series. Colón meets Deportivo Municipal, first in Peru and defines in Santa Fe, while the Union is facing Independiente del Valle, returning to Ecuador. Finally, Defensa y Justicia first visits Rio de Janeiro in Botafogo and defines it in Florencio Varela.

The first soccer competitions in the first phase of South America are four controversies: 06/02, 13/02, 18/03 and 01/04. Through these re-releases these four: 20/2, 27/02, 17/04 and 01/05. The winner of this example 22 will be added to the 16th place. at the end there are added eight teams that end in third place with the Copa Libertadores and the other two who come out of the repechaage.

The teams were divided into two zones in the southern region, consisting of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay and in the north, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. The first rising number was Montevideo's Wanderers, which would meet the Peruvian Sport Huancayo, who defined the Inca country. Places were already pre-established.

The South American champion gets an economic prize of $ 6.575,000 distributed as follows: 300,000 will take part in the first phase, 375,000 in the latter half, 500,000 eighth, 600,000th in the finals of 800 and semifinals while adding $ 4 million to win the finals. Runner-up is $ 4,575,000. This year, Atlético Paranaense, the last champion, added a total of $ 4,425,000 to his treasury. DirecTV sends the cup and therefore was introduced by journalist Pablo Giralt.

Other meetings

The other 15 games were then named after a team that is local in the first leg: Bahia (Brazil) -Liverpool (Uruguay); Río Negro (Colombia) – Bolivia 2; Spanish Union (Chile) -Mushuc Runa (Ecuador); UT Cajamarca (Peru) – Atlético Cerro (Uruguay); Deportivo Santaní (Paraguay) – once Caldas (Colombia); Catholic University (Ecuador) -Colo Colo (Chile); River Plate (Uruguay) -Santos (Brazil); Deportivo Macará (Ecuador) -Deportivo Guabira (Bolivia); Bolivia 1-Monagas (Venezuela); Miners (Venezuela) – Sol de América (Paraguay); The Calera Union (Chile) – Chapecoense (Brazil), Deportivo Cali (Colombia) -Guaraní (Paraguay); Bolivia 3-Zulia (Venezuela); Independent of Campo Grande (Paraguay) -La Equidad (Colombia); Fluminense (Brasilia) -Deportivo Antofagasta (Chile).

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