Sunday , April 11 2021

Dengue: Highlights the operation of the surgery

Dengue: Highlights the operation of the surgery

For more than a year, the Posadas government began monitoring the Aedes aegypti dental surgeon, dengu vector transmitter, Zika and Chikungunya with 400 oviposition probes (ovitraps) located both at home and abroad. ten regional integration centers in the city.

These sensors mimic the breeding sites and replace the municipal representatives weekly. This device, consisting of black glass containing water and kraft paper, allows the existence of eggs to find out the risk of each area. In the case of a positive one, measures are taken to remove the incubators, monitor the surveillance, destroy them and combat the awareness of the insect progression.

The authorities responsible for overseeing and monitoring the authorities confirm that incorporating this method will enable rapid and systematic weekly information on the mosquito behavior, as well as increase awareness, so that neighbors understand how important it is to avoid the accumulation of susceptible containers in the rain.

Barrio Yacyretan, neighbor Antonia Romero, explained that "the truth is that this job is very good because we can know what mosquito has evolved around here once a week, municipal technicians will monitor the presence of eggs, especially if they are the ones who send the dengue. they perform fumigation, cleaning or any other activity, I attach because it benefits all neighbors. "

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