Despite the crisis, online mortgages grew without breaks


Fintech, which lend online loans, boosted demand this year, but are still cautious in their bid for financial instability and greater crime, but they expect next year to improve and they will launch new products. "One slows down or accelerates according to macroeconomics, and now we see the risk as a default environment," he said. Ezequiel Weisstaub, President and Joint Venture of Credicuotas, a member of the BIND Group.

The businessman said, however: "We believe that Argentina is an excellent opportunity, which is financial technology." Thus, Credicuotas expects to triple its customers by 2019 and its portfolio has grown 7 times since 2016. "We expect everything to improve when the macro starts to calm down, lowering its prices and dispelling the uncertainty of employment," he said.

In turn, Facundo Vázquez, CEO and President of the BIND Group said: "The crisis is no better opportunity, if one were to look at late payments in 2001, it did not borrow anymore, and at the moment we are not even close to 2001."

Together with these words, Juan Pablo Bruzzo, Founder of Monte-fintech, admitted that the company has "grown every year multiplied by three" and that this year will be slightly less. "Not so much demand but caution in the face of the Argentine situation and understanding if the real economy has an impact on crime," he explained.

In this regard, he noted that crime generally grew to a percentage and that Moni is smaller than the financial system. "We launched trust with 100% digital assets and since May this market fell a lot, there is very little confidence from the beginning of volatility," Bruzzo emphasized.

Secondly, Alberto García Crédito Direct's CEO, Fintech, specializing in consumer credit through retailers, chains and motorbike offices, said: "We see a significant brake on consumption since mid-year and the current situation of systemic crime." However, he assured that the outlook for 2019 is favorable and he estimates that consumption will begin to recover by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

"That is why we are working hard to continue our business and our agencies as our strategic partners, and we are launching a B2C digital platform designed to attract customers who are agile, simple, competitive, and personalized," he said. .

Local activity

At the same time, Argentina's Fimtech Vivus, Salvador Calogero, announced that the year was very good and that the company grew by 90% of the amount of the loan and 60% of the volume level.

"Demand is very good, but the macroeconomic situation draws attention to the fact that foreign investors are involved, and it is important for them to have a stable macro connection, he said.

In this regard, he assured that the group will continue to invest heavily in local activities and currently borrow a maximum of 12,000 pesos for 30 days, but in March it will launch quota operations as the situation improves. "We have more demand because other channels are closed, market participants cut interest rates." Vivus receives funding from its shareholders from abroad, he said.

And he concluded: "The prospect is to improve next year, which is why we are trying to create a larger amount partners which allows us to complete the relationship with the customer in the long term, in a prepaid and secure manner. "(Telam)


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