Friday , March 5 2021

Destiny 2 has not fulfilled its sales expectations

At a meeting with investors, Activision has acknowledged that it is not satisfied Destiny 2: Forsaken, The latest extension of the multiplayer game game recommended by Bungie.

Fate 2 he did not have the best reception when it was released in September 2017. His system of micro-transactions and lack of content content caused him much negative criticism and made him lose players fast. Bungie has improved the game and added a lot of content with patches and continuous extensions. Many people agree after that Forsaken, Fate 2 It's better than ever. But this is not enough to attract a lot of new players or to restore players' return.

At the aforementioned meeting, Activision's Operations Director, Coddy Johnson, acknowledged that there are several business-to-business contracts that do not sell the same as they would like. If it is Fate 2, they are looking for a way to attract players who have been lost along the way. The fact that this game was offered for free in PS Plus in September was already a sign that the sales were not high and they needed to attract all new players to enable the game to be launched. Forsaken.

It is unlikely that Activision decides to give up Fate 2. They have invested heavily in this game and are likely to start an aggressive promotion strategy. But they also have another option, concentrate on squeezing the current community through micro-transactions to satisfy investors. Hope that does not end here, because even though it can give them a good economic boost, you can also stop playing the game.

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