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Next Monday

On November 14, "Diabetes Day's Day" must be remembered and the Buenos Aires Health Department will install a health check through various municipalities offering free audits and workshops. It begins on Monday in La Plata in front of Passage Dardo Rocha.


The Ministry of Health will install a health trailer in some of the provincial municipalities during the next two weeks, providing free assistants in healthcare related diseases related to food and cardiovascular diseases.

Activities, which will continue for 9 to 14 hours, will be divided into six "positions". In the first study, the cardiovascular risk (weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure, blood glucose measurement and foot check) are determined. In the second stage, the visual pathology is determined and the third identifier in the renal pathology.

The fourth station serves a healthy diet (appetite and sodium sensitization) for dieting. Fifth, the fifth is Physical Activity Workshops: "Insulin and Exercise" and "Exercise and Diabetes" from the professors, healthy and non-violent environments of the community ministry of the Ministry of Health. Finally, leaflets on health promotion will be published on topics to be discussed during the day.

The trailer is located at the following provincial points:

– Monday, November 12: La Plata, Passage Dardo Rocha (50 between 6-7).
– Tuesday 13: Quilmes, San Francisco in front of Solano Hospital (844 high street 2100).
– Wednesday, 14: San Isidro, Boulogne Municipal Hospital (Rolón Street, height 1200).
– Thursday 15: Moreno, Plaza San Martín.
– Tuesday 20: La Matanza, Laferrere Station.
– Wednesday 21: San Pedro, Calle Casella, brother's corner of Indio.

Likewise, the provincial non-communicative group coordinates the "Campaign Promotion, Prevention and Integrated Diabetes Management" Day, which will be held on Wednesday, November 14, 8 am to 3 pm in the Provincial Senate (7 and 49). . The meeting is aimed at the health care team and university students and has significant speakers.


Diabetes is one of the world's major health problems due to its frequency and its effects on the individual and his family.

It is a disease that arises when pancreatic disorders cause low or no insulin production, and the body is unable to properly use and maintain glucose (which is essential for cellular function). Without proper treatment diabetes can lead to blindness, low limb amputation, kidney failure and heart attacks.

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people with diabetes in Buenos Aires (PRODIABA) aims to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes and to preserve their rights to comprehensive, timely and effective treatment. This program draws attention, supplies and medicines to a population that has no social work or financial capacity to cover it.

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