Saturday , May 8 2021

Edson, the boy of warrior, 13-year-old father

LOS ANGELES – The Dutch Ajax delegation arrived at Estadio Azteca to strengthen the myths and truths of Diego Láinez. He added the Álvarez package called Edson, which means "the boy of the warrior" and his cabalistic number is 13, like the titles of the El Nido League.

American champion. A valued and deserved master. 2-0 is a celestial utopian epitaph and is a legend of American glorification in the 13th century.

Edson, the "boy of the warrior", redeemed himself this Sunday night after inconsistent tournaments, he made two American goals to keep the cross blue on the curse of the machine. 21 years … and counting.

Edson, the "boy of the warrior," a 13-year-old father who makes America the highest winner in the league, and the inevitable unfortunate surge of the waves put Cruz Azul's competitive frustration epitome.

Cruz Azul still does not return to the glory platform. Derail … or drop it, always at the Paradise Gate. This Sunday evening was won in court and scoreboard.

The good news: that Monday, the machine can start again, on a solid foundation, by searching for the missing link for 21 years.

After the first half the strength is more than the spectacle, the goals are lost irony. Edson not only seems to have been buried after the Russian World Championships, but the first key to the tragedies of the tragedies comes from the delivery of Jesus Corona's crankshaft and the poorest league alliance, Iván Marcone

Cruz Azul's best in 22 games played the same game simultaneously from the same area, and Álvarez took a spectacular shot that describes the pivotal corners of pizarades that beautify pizarades.

Cruz Azul did not know how to get up. He did not know how to arrange again. He fought because he ran a little, tried, but his football was dominated by instinct, despair.

Colombia's Juan Carlos Osorio says that his machine was controlled by his reptilian brain, that is, one who reacted to danger to death itself.

Another Edson Álvarez was also a heavenly thrompony, but firmly after his shooting. He thus fights the crown, which had two great savings in the past, which in the end, in a dramatic accident, were small.

"The warrior's son and his 13-year-old father" beat him as such, with the disastrous tranquility that he knows when he shoots the flag of his inheritance and kills the other gods.

America always dealt with the game. The wastes, the last Parody of the last torso, remain like a dim sketch, like a cynical sketch designed this Sunday.

Cruz Azul gave rostrum, but America had a field management. The card goes to La Noriaan Cup Coapa.

Mateus Uribe and Roger Martínez? No one left them in court. The team retained a steady rhythm of adrenaline and testosterone, without the hackers who, in this perspective, suffered from Uribe's judgment.

In the Third Trophy Room, Láinez and possibly Alvarez in Holland, Herrera can now lead to his shortened dream: Bicampeonato.

Cruz Azul? Rebuild the divan, the player's faith, to prevent the trauma of this trauma from curse again in the new process.

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