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Eduardo Feinmann, a very angry Toto Ferro: "I never see a movie where this work …"

Sunday November 11, 2018 09:06

Lorenzo "Toto" Iron he won the Phoenix Prize for Best Actress in his performances at El Angel, ending his approval, The young man surprised his controversial statements: "Fuck, Donald Trump" and "Fuck Mauricio Macri" were his words farewell.

His injustice was widely discussed in the networks and received both acceptance and criticism. Those who opposed the actor's words were Eduardo Feinmann, who did not endure it Toto Ferro injured Macri and it broke out on Twitter.

"Actress TOTO FERRO violated the democratic presidents of Macri and Trump, I never see a movie or play where this rude man is working on an international stage that is not a PRESIDENTIALIAN RESEARCH, is REPUDIABLE", the reporter wrote in his Twitter account.

Feinman already came to fight with another young actress when he was injured Angela Torres use a green handkerchief during a national smile performance in public law.


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