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Esquel died of Hindu virus woman and is the third victim to death – 17.12.2018

A 38-year-old woman, a hospital worker at Epuyén, died this morning at Hospital de Esquel and is the third victim to death hantavirus. According to the first information, the deceased had recently returned from Chile and on Saturday he was hospitalized as a hospital suspect. His picture got worse and in the early years he died.

According to a report on the Reserve Fund, released early Monday, "today, the 38-year-old patient died" and it has been shown that "it was classified as a suspected case of virus infection". It is the third victim of the virus sent by rodents. 14-year-old teenagers and 61-year-old El Hoyun municipal staff had died.

On Monday, Minister of Health of the Province, Adrián Pizzi, said that in his area "it seemed appropriate to declare the state of emergency in order to allow all our structures and networks to access this situation. prevention measures throughout the region"Dr. Teresa Strella presented that" today's epidemiological report shows that The confirmed case was announced, with a high probability that the infection is from one person to another. So far, there are 15 suspected cases (counting three fatalities), 6 proven, 2 probable, and 4 devastating hantavirus. "

On the other hand, the same part shows that yesterday, a 11-year-old boy was taken to the Esquel hospital, which was classified as a suspect case based on clinical and hemodynamic parameters.

However, three patients, all of whom are positive for the hantavirus, have been interned at the intensive care of that health center. Small is without mechanical ventilation, stable, while adults maintain mechanical ventilation, but its parameters are stable according to the report. The last of three occupations is in critical condition and a reserved forecast according to the report.

There are currently no Esquel hospital hospitals in isolation facilities, but also in Hospital Rural de Epuyén. At the El Maite Rural Center, four of the observable patients from Epuyene remain in the isolation facilities. It is apparent from the section that the epidemiological alert system reported for the Esquel program area occurred during the last hours as a sanitary warning.

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