Saturday , May 8 2021

Every new one in the SME industry

By Confederacin Argentina de la Mediana Empresa (CAME), in November, Production Small and medium-sized enterprises decreased by 5.6%, with a total of 7 consecutive months of retraction. Also, businesswoman with camera They noted that the use of the capacity introduced decreased to 56.5% industry It grew in growth.

The monthly survey by CAME on SME's of 300 SMEs reduced the production of SMEs by 5.6% in November compared with November in the same month in 2017. They also warned that it was the seventh month. The ever-increasing retraction was that on a scale of 1.6 compared with October, while in the 11 months, a 2.2% regression was generated.

On the other hand, they emphasized that the growing number of sectors increased to 41.2 percent, although 32.6 percent of businessmen made it clear that they worked profitably. Likewise, they explained that 55 per cent of the industries believe that the economy will re-activate in the second half of next year.

Devaluation has only partially benefited us because we have a lot of costs in dollars and we had to change the sales price several times over the year, "said Luis Lewin, Vice Chairman of the Argentine Machine Tool and Production Engineering Department (CARMAHE). , but warns that getting new customers must be done, which takes time.

The most affected products were: Calzado y morroquinera, down 18.2%, metal products, machinery and equipment with 14.7% fall, wood products and furniture 13.5%, paper, paper, printing and printing, invoice 5, 8%, Chemical products, decline 4.2%, Textiles and clothing, 3.5% each, Rubber and plastic products, 1.5% recycled and non-metallic minerals, closed -0.8%.

By contrast, the transport material remained unchanged, while a slight increase was exacerbated by electrical and mechanical products, information technology and industry, which increased by 0.7% and food and beverages, an increase of 0.4%. As Industrial Production Pyme Index (IPIP) registered 81.1 points in November.

In addition, CAME warned that last month's sector profitability fell: 32.6 percent compared with 36.3 percent in October, which means that companies are trying to lower their prices even by selling liquidity with the target with liquidity. The payout table is very long, especially the biggest ones that are late for payments and abandoned checks are huge, explained from the camera.

Finally, they stressed that there was a systematic and profound operation of 56.5% of the installed capacity, but pointed out that the low level of investment plans is 2019: 49% of the companies and that it does not intend to invest, as only 23% are expressed in the opposite direction.

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