Expected documentary about Gustavo Cerat's life and work will be released


National Geographic will be released this Sunday at 22:00 on the two-hour specialty of life and work Gustavo Cerati. Produced by Underground, Sebastián Ortega's creative guidance program is part of the dosu-reality series "BIOS. Life that meant you"A few weeks ago, the signal was first broadcast by Charly García.

This time the question is tribute to the Soda Stereo Director, lives in our lives with unprecedented recordings, archives pictures and testimonies of people sharing different moments with the artist.

(The program section that is shown this Sunday)

The channel announced that the documentary attempts to reconstruct different turning points Cerat's life in interviews with her relatives, including her mother Lilian Clark, her sister Laura, and their children Benito and Lisa.

Also included are well-known witnesses, experts and partners who have followed him in his life: among others Zeta Bosio, Charly Alberti, Daniel Kon, Shakira, Anita Álvarez de Toledo, Adrián Taverna, Caito Lorenzo, Leandro Fresco and Leo García.

(One of the videos that shows Gustavo Cerat's privacy)

Chilean singer Javiera Mena, driving, is responsible for looking for an artistic stage and personal life again before and after Soda Stereo.

National Geographic promises that special synthesizes unforgettable and unique moments,unpublished archives"the songwriter's past, thanks to family support, production offers an intimate approach to learning more about the composer.

(Birth of Lisa Cerat)

"For us, his family is proud that National Geographic makes this tribute to Gustavo's music and Sebastián Ortega is responsible for this production, giving me the confidence to know that care is at his highest work," he said Laura Cerati, Gustavus's sister, through the press release from the channel.

(Another fragment that is seen in a special)

Secondly, Fernando Semenzato, Senior vice president of Latin American National Geographic Partners said: "His musical heritage and competence for generations is impressive, Gustavo Cerati proudly goes beyond all sorts of obstacles and boundaries whose compositions do not know the boundaries."

(Lilian Clark talks about "Tea Three")

At the same time, Sebastián Ortega He emphasized: "Cerati is one of the greatest poets of contemporary music, a very delicate and unique inspiration that has given us some of the most original pieces of all-time Ibero-American music, with several generations of real pride respecting him."

(Benito Cerati sang documentaries of journalists, family members and friends in an official presentation)

Presentation event throughout Ceratin and Benito looked at the stage sing along with the idol solo players.

National Geographic passes through iconic life that brought Latin American music this Sunday November 25 at 22:00 (Argentina / Chile), 9 am (Colombia / Mexico) and 20:00 (Peru).


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