Flood added excitement to Superfinal and Conmebol decides today when to play – 11.11.2018


Rains And he does not want to stop.

Yes, almost with rostrum holding. And it is already a biblical flood. However, we are facing the end of the world, as the marketing icon says, and you have to play. Then the winds come barefoot, splashing, inverted. From 6 in the morning fall toads and snakes. Nothing matters If they meet the Boca River. But water flows and flows into questions.

What's played This is not played. Boca does not leave the Intercontinental Hotel. The river leaves Cardales towards Monumental, the previous scale. But he also does not give up on concentration. People start populating La Bombonera. They sing without reason. Was it played? It will not be repeated. After several screws and almost simultaneously with a judge who can hardly move the ball on a watered-down lawn, Daniel Angelici contradicts: "He stopped." Conmebol's spokeswoman participates: "It will be played tomorrow at 4 pm". But the same blue and gold president will point out, "If time permits …". The first Superclásico cup will be played this Sunday, as long as it does not rain again as strong as Saturday. The forecast, in this sense, is not encouraging.

So? Whether we play it today or Saturday, 17th. "We have a meeting with the AFA and Conmebol presidents, you always have to think first about people, how to travel, how to get there, and in the show: the integrity of the players … I was surprised by everything that was raining. that people come and have to leave ", Angelici says on the date of the match. After a while, the scenario changes. There is no conclave. In the morning at 11 am Conmebol announces its official decision: play 16 o per week. Everyone suggests that the gaming position will be set on Saturday 17 … on Europe's most important timetables.

Today we continue pouring rain. From this point of view, no one questioned the change of the new day and the timetable. And FIFA's date? Although Zürich does not see at a good glance that the Copa Libertadores is defined when a double friendly day is planned, the South American selections made an exception and did not mention the players from Boca and Joesta.

It has a detail that is not small. After several dimes and diretes, the Superliga confirmed in the Buenos Aires province Sunday Sunday programs and maintained timetables. Much though Angelici said the date should be suspended. A sign that regardless of weather conditions, the Libertadores classic could be postponed again and no duplication of the screen.

Boca does not want to know anything in this situation. He does not agree that a hand will be handed over to the opponent for a week, as the river can repay both reps by Leonardo Poncio and Ignacio Scocco. "We want to play on Sunday or no later than Tuesday or Wednesday," said Secretary-General Cristian Gribaudo. In the river they relativize the situation. "We look forward to what Conmebol decides. If you play on Sunday, we have no problems," said Udaondo and Figuero Alcorta. And they gave the five rolls that Boca employees had been trying to smooth the playfield and suck the water in the tank. "If we did not want to play, why would we borrow material for it to help dewatering?" They added Núñez.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto swept speculation as he was asked how the river would have got his captain from Pontio and spicy ahead of Scocco. "We will also be better," said the twin. On Saturday 17th, the coach could again be Estaba Andrada, goalkeeper who suffered a broken jaw two months ago on the first front of Cruzeiro, which is the quarterfinals.

In the afternoon Rodolfo D & Onofrio and Angelici, who had been closer than ever this week, exceeded the calls before the break. Miljardipomo did not want the team to travel to Brandsen 805 to see if it was possible to play Superclásico. Outside the monument, a large number of fans had arranged a noisy support.

In 24 hours, 100 millimeters of water fell! Buenos Aires, which was designed in November. And today, in addition, there is electrical activity. Superfinal is difficult to play. Unless, of course, the sun shines. Something that is not planned now or SanPedro.


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