Former partner of the Messi Foundation made a study on the diversion of money to tax havens in sports


Four days have elapsed since the Argentine prosecutor, Pablo Turano, had asked for an investigation Messi Foundation, including the role of Lionel Messi and his father Jorgen.

The principle wants to investigate the fate of the donations received by the organization, while the case concerns Judge Gustavo Meirovich. The prosecutor's request arises from dismissal Federico Retoni, a former co-operation partner of the Foundation.

Olé says that the former official has provided information, has provided evidence and said that the money received by the Messi Foundation was tax havens. Retoni would have shown disagreement with the leaders of non-governmental organizations.

When he was not consulted with the Foundation, the former partner decided to file a complaint with the authorities. It's about it a new legal mess that makes Messi difficult, who was sentenced in Spain and charged financial penalties for tax evasion.


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