Wednesday , March 3 2021

Franjo Morada's rodent handled mentally disabled opponents

As always, the factional groupings strongly contest the students' elections at the La Pera National University, and often it is worthy of the violence. This time it happened in the Law corridors where the leader of the Purple Strip had bad words.

Especially it is about it Barbara Drake, Franja Morada and Cambiemos, who on Wednesday (the first day of the election) are called "mentally disabled" militant groups of Law students who dispute the center's drive.

As we know, the United States Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities states that different forms of discrimination due to injury or illness are much more common practice than are usually accepted and that it must be discarded.

Mental health disorder is a change in human development that is characterized by significant limitations in both mental and adaptive behavior.

For these reasons, Drake's insidious words were in place, discriminating and delegating all kinds of abilities.

In the middle of the election of students' representatives, different forms of discrimination have to be dealt with. But in elections, voting makes everything profitable, any aggression and disrespect can be more than a well-developed campaign.

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