Saturday , May 8 2021

Hajime Tabata explains why she left Square Enix

The last few months have been the busiest Hajime Tabata. Japanese developer and leader Final Fantasy XV I stayed Square Enix in November this year and his departure was followed canceling all future FLCX DLCs except for the episode Ardyn. After that, Hajime Tabata announced the creation of our own independent studio JP-games, which ended in a decade-long career in the giant Enix square.

Now a few weeks after the creation of JP Games, Hajime Tabata He has finally talked about leaving Square Enix to explain the reasons for his departure and his relationship with the company over a decade. Former director of the Niconicon Film Festival Final Fantasy XV has explained You went out of Square Enix it was solely due to the lack of motivation and the desire to create something as an independent, self-developing developer. About the Tabata that there have been no contradictions Square Enix, and that his departure has been friendly.

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Hajime Tabata He also explained that the decision to cancel Final Fantasy XV DLCs was taken in with his conversations Square Enix, his progress and the need to find a substitute position, even though he assures that his absence is not the direct cause of this decision. In this sense, Tabata comments on it cancellation the content of which was a great personal disappointment for him and he felt bad for the players who were eagerly awaiting their departure.

Finally, the Japanese developer also talked about his new research JP-gamesfrom which it has revealed that they already have a number of employees and that they are trying to create large multi-platform games with decentralized development techniques based on clouds, coordinating their teams flexibly and avoiding bottlenecks in the process We need to understand what surprised us from JP Games, when we investigate Hajime Tabata Show the first game. Until then, we will leave you on Final Fantasy XV's analysis.

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