Saturday , May 8 2021

Health announcement in Esquel for hantavirus: three deaths and six confirmed cases

The new victim is a 38-year-old woman who recently returned from Chile and was hospitalized on suspicion on Saturday. Confidence: Shutterstock

ESQUEL.- Chubut Ministry of Health announced this morning a health disorder in the Esquel program area for the third death fever virus on the county mountain and to remedy the epidemiological situation. The new victim is a 38-year-old woman, a hospital worker Epuyén. There are six confirmed cases and others whose studies are awaiting results at the Malbrán Institute.

Trigger cases continue to occur and concern Chubut's health authorities reporting an epidemiological alert in the Esquel area. For the six confirmed positive cases, two other possible cases were added during the last hour. Two of the patients to be evaluated will remain in the Zonal Esquel hospital isolation section.

Third victim

The last victim had recently returned from Chile and on Saturday he was recognized as a suspect in the Esquel hospital. His picture became worse after hours and today he eventually died. Chubut's Minister of Health Adrián Pizzi told a news conference that the neighboring province of Río Negro has "the whole hygiene structure if needed".

It was ensured that the government would strengthen the "hospitals in the whole program area" and "we probably work with the municipality of Esquel to change some hospital bays, move bedding, masking gloves, gloves and camouflage, and plan for local attention and the entire area."

He said details are being announced daily and stressed that "they are constantly in touch with Epuyén doctors, program area and all actors, Esquel Hospital has resources" to remedy the situation.


In contrast, Teresa Strella, Director of Prevalent Pathologies, stated that "just over a month ago, six cases where Hankavirus was highly probable from one person to another were reported in the Esquel program area" and not an environmental show. "Today, we have received a total of 15 suspected cases, of which we have six confirmed," he said.

"The cases are all relevant in the area of ​​the same area, which is located in Epuyén. Vanhivir is endemic disease throughout the region and it includes the provinces located near Chubut," added an expert who stressed that, for this reason, management measures "are extensive across the Andes region" added.

The recommendations, which are extensive for "travelers to the mountains," include "respectable signs, signage signs, do not camp in unauthorized locations, preserve clean sectors that are not debris and do not leave trails". Strella explained that "personal transmission is typical of the Andes virus that circulates in the area, this was a probability, but it always works when it comes to sending the environment until a human-to-human transmission is established."

"This is documented in the transfer from one to another, and the event this year was a special social event where this happened in the form of an outbreak," he said, referring to the birthday in the mountains. a person is a very short event. "

What is it and how it can be prevented

Hantavirus is a virus that occurs in some wild pigs and can infect a person causing serious illness in the lungs and heart. The disease is characterized by high fever, headache, osteoarthritis and gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain. Fever may exceed 38ºC with coughing and breathing difficulties.

After the Health Authority notified the Esquel program area of ​​the hantavirus cases, the health authorities provided a series of recommendations for preventing the virus:

  1. Clean rooms, offices, bathrooms and dorms with chlorine water for home use.
  2. Do not enter rooms or rooms that have been closed for a while, without ventilation for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Keep weeds and meadows cut off on the ground and remove debris and debris within 30 meters radius. around the facilities.
  4. The sealing surfaces of the tin, which are glued and nailed, cement or other material securing openings, whose diameter is at least half a centimeter scale in schools, homes, stores and warehouses.
  5. Maintain general hygiene measures in your own kitchen and equipment. Keep food in sealed containers and do not leave food on tables, furniture, floor, etc.
  6. Store debris in tanks with a lid. If there is no garbage collection, simmer it to 50 cm. depth and 50 m. of housing.
  7. If you have symptoms of sudden and severe influenza, seek medical attention, avoid medication and tell you that you have been in contact with rodents or risk areas.

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