His Majesty returns


On the 27th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death, guitarist Brian May, composer anthem "We Will Rock You", aroused the world in earnest: the golden statue for Queen's voice Bohemian Rhapsody, actor Rami Malek, who could revive the legend. "He came to play so well that he even started to think that he was Freddie, a very important one, he is undoubtedly on the Oscars list and deserves to win it," he said.

These days thanks to the film, the queen is synonymous with Freddie Mercury, even though every member of the band's genius has been described. The tape is taquillera (and more than 300 million in the world) and although it contains fiction, it has also become a sort of posthumous tribute that is the same musicians the manuscript calls the band a "family". The movie includes recordings, the life of the Mercury family, his intentions to make "different music", his perspective as a soloist, homosexuality, loneliness, addictions, glory and return in the Queen Legendaal Live AID concert.

Yesterday, the world remembered the last message Mercury shared, a music war that was characterized by the fact that he did not admit many interviews. It was November 23, 1991, and the singer decided to announce he was HIV positive.

"The huge reasons have appeared in the past two weeks, the press, I would like to confirm that I am HIV positive and I have AIDS. I think it was right that this information will not be published until now to protect me surrounding people's privacy. However, the time has come that my friends and my fans around the world know the truth. I hope all doctors associated with, and all the rest of the world, which is fighting against this terrible disease. My closeness has always been for me something special, and I am famous for the fact that I give a little interviews. Please understand that this is still the case, "he informed the publisher 24 hours before death.

artistic legacy

and his heirs

like Bohemian Rhapsody was not born as a film by Freddie Mercury, the film does not talk about the singer's last days or the commented property he thought he was about to collect his cats, but ended with his family, boyfriend, assistant, his mansion's chef and the woman's "love of life".

Part of this relationship with Mary Austin is told in the movie. The pair was six years old and ended in the mid-70s, when Mercury recognized homosexuality and decided to move. Then both continued their relationship with Amical and Mercury asking him to move to his house.

"For me it was a marriage, we believe in each other, all my friends have asked me why they can not replace Mary, because it is simply impossible," the singer once commented. with Bohemian Rhapsody it was confirmed that the song "Love of my life" was written to him.

But despite the relationship, Mary did not expect to become a heir to the majority of his property or person who still retains the musical heritage by owning copyright. Mercury left him a mansion of Garden Garden worth more than 20 million euros and artistic rights 9 million dollars (per year the band can pay 50 million euros).

"Months after Freddie's death was the most extreme and difficult life, I had a lot of trouble accepting that he had left and all that he had left me," he said in 2000. Mary Austin's new life came from the singer's mother, Jer Bulsara died in 2016. "I should have let them get married. Even when they broke, I knew I still loved my son and they were friends to the end."


  • digital age. Four decades ago, the queen has destroyed several "phenomena" today. According to Spotify (online music platform), the band is listening to 25 million views every month.


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