Saturday , May 8 2021

I brake the driving licenses for foreign pilots chronicle

Through the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), the Ministry of Labor interrupted until the end of the year a resolution granting licenses to foreign pilots. The pilots present at the meeting were threatened to violate compulsory mediation and strike. The promises and dialogue table will remain in strength.

Resolution 895, which provides for the replacement of Argentinian licenses for validated foreign pilots, was left to interruptions. At Callao's meeting 100, the ANAC and APLA (pilots) and AULA (pilots) secretary-general agreed to sit down on the next few days.

As reported chronicle working people, a "key meeting" will be held on Wednesday 26 and on 28 June the suspension of the resolution will be lifted. "In this sense, the pilots' associations made it clear that if this measure were not restored, we would start our struggle again as necessary measures."Said APLA in his statement.

Covenant led Pablo Biró that "By keeping the confrontation, Tomas Insausti (ANAC Administrator) and Federico Giannini (Director of National Operational Security at ANAC) they were on the contrary and agreed to suspend the application of the resolution ".

The government is confident that the dialogue table will progress, "The procedures for renewal of new licenses will continue according to the Regulations". From the Ministry of Transport, they decided that "At the meeting it was obvious that Article 106 of the aviation code does not restrict a foreigner only to a teacher. Provided that the requirements for exceptionality and technical reason are fulfilled, an alien may be a pilot or a pilot pilot without having to be qualified as a pilot. Resolution 895 did not modify this article nor extended the universe of certificates that can be validated, and no automatic validation in Argentina. "

It should be noted that mandatory mediation has been in force for 15 working days on Thursday, 13 December.

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