Saturday , May 8 2021

If you have an Android phone, you can take it from the TV

The remote control can be closer than ever, because you can use your TV on your Android smartphone.

Is anything else like a remote control? Yes cell-, who can now also be your best ally for television.

There are a variety of applications that can help you in this task, but you must first check whether it is yours smartphone It has an infrared port. The same is usually at the top of the phone, and is shown as a small dark sign. Do not worry that most do not usually have this port, but they can still be used as remote controls.

You can connect from a smartphone to a TV via your home Wi-Fi network via Bluetooth or NFC. In this case, there are applications that allow you to manage all the operating system Android.

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Samsung: SmartThings is a Korean company application that allows you to manage branded TVs, but also manage music devices, air conditioners, lights, and all devices that are compatible with the "Works with SmartThings" software.

Philips: TV Remote is an application that is compatible with all branded Smart TVs since 2014. With this app, you can perform all your remote control tasks and even run voice searches.

Sony: TV Sideview Remote, the application of the Japanese brand, took a step back in its operations. Before you can control the programming program and put the markers to record, it only allows basic settings, such as any control.

general: Peel Smart Remote is a universal application that promises to work on almost any television in the Argentine market.

On the other hand, if your smartphone is an infrared port, you can use Google Play apps like AnyMote Universal Remote or My Remote Control that work with most TVs.

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