"It's a shame that the Bocoa River was supposed to play"


Monumental shame night is read to the world for a long time. More than 822 journalists from across the globe were present at the river court waiting for a match that was never played after a few delusions. This show, which was expected to be historic, was regrettable. Marcos López, supplier TVE from Spaina, told me Infobae his feelings before the event when Boca's shock was interrupted.

– What were the moods of what happened this afternoon in Monumental?

In Spain, Argentinian football was greatly admired by the passion that fans and gamers play, but also this is something that will surprise many Spanish football players because this problem of violent fans was removed from the 80's. Before, there were many Ultras groups called the barrabravas, but fortunately everything was removed thanks to the work of clubs, police and security forces.

– How do you tell what happened to some of your friends, a very confidential person?

It's really a shame that this game was playable (NDR: it was moved twice until it was finally suspended) despite the fact that the Boca player was a problem with one eye and the Boca team attack … I think in Spain this match would be postponed for a minute.

-After the current events, are the conditions right for the ultimate play at the moment when Conmebol offers it?

That is, everything is very strange. Today was a common mess in Argentina's football. Argentine football is spectacular, but it is the face and the cross: the face is all these people, all this animation and the cross are violent, It's so important here …

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