Thursday , May 6 2021

Jorge Rial released Morena's ultrasound

The relationship between Jorge Rial and her daughter Morena did not seem to be a return. The bond was broken when a young woman started her relationship with Facundo Ambrosio. According to reports, the driver was angry with him because he would use all his savings to pay a lawyer for his unmarried partner who was jailed and charged with an illegal association.

Jorge Rial followed her daughter with ultrasound.
Jorge Rial followed her daughter with ultrasound.

Time passed and the fighting was in the past. The wagon on the road managed to iron the differences between the two. "We're rearranging it, it's not easy. Careful and peaceful way, and also a lot of love. Sometimes it is difficult to reconstruct things. Undoubtedly this pregnancy will help us a lot, "said the reader America in intruders November 12.

Two days ago Rial showed in his Instagram stories that he followed his daughter with an ultrasound. "Today I met a grandson," he wrote and sent a picture of her daughter in the middle of the ultrasound, and a few hours later, the driver sent a picture of the unborn child's face with a big smile in the title of the photo. deep reflection.

"The woman laughs. He has not come to this world yet, and he laughs. We have to get to work so she smiles. Be happy So all the boys are that. Do we have time to change this country? It is difficult with two million poor people last year. Let's start though, "Smiling," was the text he sent to his Instagram.

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